US-UK-UA-EU-NATO will escalate the Ukraine War until Russia is forced to take the “third action”!

Watch for the “Third Action” – Then We Have Only Minutes Until the Bombs Fall

by George Eaton

It is a foregone conclusion that the conflict in Ukraine will escalate until Putin hits NATO bases and military assets with nuclear weapons – that is the first action.

The second action will be Nato’s retaliation against Russian forces, which the west will think is a “proportionate response”. But the Russians won’t look at it in that way at all.

After the west’s response, the Russians will have a choice to hit back again to make it clear to the west they will not accept defeat or to stand down in any form.

Putin and his team of military planners have already decided on what that third action will be, and what the targets will be – they have said as much. They have repeatedly given everyone a clear indication what they will do. But few are listening or taking Putin seriously.

After the second action – which is the retaliation from Nato and the US – if Putin doesn’t hit back with a powerful enough force, his nation will be totally destroyed. But if he hits hard in the third action, he believes he can lessen the blowback and prevent Europe from over running Russia. Without the US nuclear and military power, Europe has no chance against Russia. This has been revealed by experts in the military strategy field.

That means Putin and the Russians will conclude that they MUST hit the US and Nato assets with a knock out blow IMMEDIATELY after the second action. They have no other options at that point.

However, regardless how hard Putin hits the US and Europe, Russia will still be targeted with a massive nuclear retaliation strike, with what missiles the west still has left in their arsenal. Putin and his war planners already know this, and have concluded that it is unavoidable. The third action they make against the west won’t prevent the retaliation, but they believe that a large strike against the west is still better than any other options.

Whether this is true or not will be debated for decades to come. But the bottom line is, when the Russians feel the offensive moves made at Russia are unacceptable and has crossed their red lines, they will then make the first action. That action will be of sufficient size, that the Russians feel might deter the west from further military actions.

That first action is very likely to be a tactical nuclear attack against the Nato forces that made a direct attack against Russia in Ukraine. In addition, it is also very likely that Russia will hit Nato bases and decision centers in various locations in Europe, at the same time. It won’t be attacks on urban areas, but military targets that Russia believes are a future threat against their military campaign and their homeland. In short, it will be a proportionate attack, that leaves Nato and the US a choice – to either stand down and call for a peace treaty, or escalate the war to a higher level.

At the beginning of the conflict, one offensive military move will take place by the west to instigate Russia to respond. In response, it is very likely that Russia will then hit back with tactical nukes on select targets to neutralize Nato forces as much as possible in Europe.

The second major action will then be a retaliation strike by the west. But, it is the third action that will magnify to such a level by Russia, that it will shock the west to their foundations.

Russia will feel they have no other option left, and they MUST hit the rest of Europe and the US, and all their military bases with a FULL nuclear strike. That includes an EMP attack to knock out all electrical power in Europe and the US.

It will include airports, and all Naval and Air force and Army bases. It may also conclude major bridges, rail lines and interstate highways at key areas. It may also knock out water systems in urban areas.

The historic attack would totally knock out all food distribution and fuel supplies. The nation would instantly be sent back to the 1880s, with no power, no communication and no food supplies. And it will stay that way for months if not years to come.

How long will that take? One hour after the second action by the west. One hour – or less. And there isn’t one thing the west can do to prevent it from happening.

With the nation instantly laying in smoldering ruins, the US nuclear retaliation will go into effect from bases, subs and aircraft that are left flying. Russia would then be destroyed as well and sent back to the 1880s. Millions on both sides would instantly die, and tens of millions more will die in the following months of starvation, disease and chaos. This outcome is expected by the Russians who are prepared for it, but the Europeans and the Americans have not come to terms with this reality.

The west has the false assumption that Russia “wouldn’t dare attack us, because they would be destroyed themselves”. That is dangerously naïve and lacks the understanding on how the Russians think about this conflict. Russia is already playing for keeps to defend their homeland. Thousands have died. They already believe a war is on their doorstep, and they either stop the enemy in Ukraine now or they will end up being destroyed later anyway.

Putin and the Russian leaders are looking at this conflict as a genuine aggressive action against their nation, whether it is done in increments or in one full sweep. And since they have concluded they can’t accept defeat in either case, they have concluded they must stop the attack as soon as possible. They believe there is no reason to wait and be taken over if the attack from the west is inevitable.

With the weapons they still possess, they believe that they have a chance to stop the coming attack. And that is why they would take the third action to stop the carnage as soon as possible and lessen the future destruction of their nation. The difference could be millions of Russian lives being saved.

We may not believe like the Russians; we may not accept their conclusions, and we may not believe they have no other options. But all of that doesn’t matter. If that is how they believe, and what they have concluded, they will take the third action to end the Third World War – within one hour of the attack by the west.

There is however one wild card no one has publicly considered. And that is the use of secret high-tech weapons that the US may possess that could neutralize Russia’s weapons.

Through the years I’ve heard faint rumors of special weapons that the US MAY have developed that could defend the US and Europe. Those weapons may include a space-based laser system that can knock out any incoming nuclear missiles. It may also include high tech electronic systems that could prevent missiles from being launched.

It is also possible that the US has reverse engineered alien space ships and have built their own advanced space ships that could also make a difference in a war. In fact, if this is true, it may be the reason the US politicians have been so confident when going to war with Russia, when the obvious outcome could be WW3 leading to nuclear war.

However, I have never heard of any solid evidence to feel confident in this possibility. It is possible – but has to be considered a wild card. That means we are required to look at the facts as logically and rationally as possible and make real plans to survive hard times. There are no short cuts and no silver bullet that will solve our problems or stop a war.

What we are facing right now is an escalation of a war that is coming at us like a fast-moving train. And the only way to beat a fast-moving train when you’re on the tracks, is to step off the tracks and avoid being killed. It isn’t rocket science and it isn’t complicated. The reality of the world situation is clear, we are facing a major war and a collapse of the entire system. In view of this, we are required as responsible citizens to prepare for hard times. We won’t have a second chance to gather enough food, supplies and be ready to hunker down for the coming storm. A person either prepares to survive or they’re preparing to fail and become a victim. The choice is yours.

George Eaton


Phase 1:

All objectives of the Russia Armed Forces were met with Phase 1

Fact: Many people think that Russia failed at taking Kiev but what people do not understand is that they had no plan to attack or take kiev.

The fast operation of moving into place around Kiev was to give the perception to Ukraine and NATO that Russia wanted to take the city.

This was nothing more than a “head fake” by Russia to prevent Ukraine from sending thousands of troops from Kiev to the Donbass front (Russia’s stated objective) Russia was successful in this goal.

This is the reason you saw no long Russian supply lines and support, because they were only there to cause a diversion and therefore did not need a huge logistics support chain. Thus all the claims of the media that Russia would run out of fuel and ammo…fact is…they did not need it, as they were but a short term diversion.

Once Russia had their forces in place in the east and the south the forces in the Kiev area quickly withdrew according to plan, to support the actions in Mariupol where the AZOV regiment was 14,000 strong. (now only 1,000 remain surrounded and underground)

After the capture of Mariupol by Russia the Z forces moved to the Donbass front in preparation for phase 2.

Phase 2:

Phase 2 is going very well and is right on scheduled.

The Russian forces are destroying all supply lines for the estimated 45,000 Ukrainian troops on the Donbass line. As well as hitting ammo storage, fuel supply and command centers all over Ukraine.

The Russian forces are decimating the Ukrainians with artillery and rocket fire around the clock. The losses of the Ukrainians is listed to be near 50,000 troops killed so far during the operation.

Also there are 4,000+ Ukrainian POWs being held by the DPR, LPR and Russia at this time.

The Russians put out a troop loss total last month and the number was at 5,700 at that time but is estimated to be near 7,500 currently.

Also the reason the US and NATO are in a panic to get tanks, artillery and planes into Ukraine is because the Russians have destroyed most of their military hardware.

Those numbers of destroyed Ukrainian equipment are as follows:

146 aircraft
112 helicopters,
712 unmanned aerial vehicles,
287 anti-aircraft missile systems,
2,817 tanks and other armored combat vehicles,
323 multiple launch rocket systems,
1,292 field artillery and mortars,
2,624 units of special military vehicles

The bottom line is Russia is holding right to the plan and the plan is going well.

No…Russia did not fail in Kiev. In fact they did as intended.

No Russia is not “bogged down”

Fact is…Ukraine is getting a serious ass kicking.

All the PSYOPs of the media has been very, very effective on the minds of the casual observer and to the average person on the street they are under the false impression that Ukraine is doing great and Russia is ineffective and weak.

Very Sun Tzu.

In closing know that very soon…once Russia has things weakened and cut off to their liking ,they will make moves to surround and Cauldron those trapped 45,000 Ukraine troops and it will be a blood bath like the world has not seen since WWII.

After that…they will move to the west and take Odessa,

When will that be? When Russia is ready…could be a few days from now…could be a few hours from now.

But don’t worry…I guarantee you won’t miss it when it happens.


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