NATO never intended to approve Ukraine’s membership—Why should they when…..

…NATO is fighting a fierce proxy war using Ukrainian
soldiers and citizenry as cannon fodder.

SOTN Editor’s Note: This is really the biggest story of the Ukraine War but hardly any one is talking about it.  Not only did the US, UK and Ukraine all lie about Kiev’s application to join NATO, they deliberately misrepresented the reality to provoke Russia.  However, Russia was all in no matter what the NATO outcome was in light of the ongoing genocide being perpetrated by Kiev & Company throughout the Donbass.  Much more seriously, Putin knew he had to close down all the Pentagon-run bioweapon labs strategically located across the Ukraine so Russia’s “special military operation” was quite inevitable.  Deceitful Biden and deceptive Zelensky are both very low-level crisis actors in this highly consequential B-movie that costing the American taxpayers billions.

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