Henry Kissinger tells Ukraine it should give Russia territory to try to find a peace deal – as Zelensky insists Putin has ‘no interest in talking’

  • Former US secretary of state told conference that Ukraine should accept terms

  • The 98-year-old added if they don’t begin negotiations there will be ‘upheavals’ 
  • He said it would be ‘fatal’ for the West to get swept up in ‘mood of the moment’
  • President Zelensky gave speech opening four-day Davos summit in Switzerland 
  • Summits will become pointless because ‘brute force does not talk it kills,’ he said
  • Russia has been banned from the conference, in latest sign of Putin’s isolation 

READ STORY HERE: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10847579/Henry-Kissinger-tells-global-elite-gathered-Davos-Ukraine-Russia-territory.html

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