How Does Cobb School Shooting Victim Have 2 Fathers Interviewed on Different Networks on the Same Day?

Submitted by Harold Saive

In two different same-day interviews by CNN and NBC, audiences are questioning how Uvalde COBB School Shooting Victim, Amerie Jo Garza, could possibly have two legitimate Fathers. I can only guess that incentives to open GOFUNDME accounts is very strong for actors willing to deliver tearful interviews on TV.

PART 1:  Uvalde Shooting Victim Has Different Fathers on CNN and NBC – How?

Part 2:  Uvalde Victim Does NOT Have A Step Father! CNN & NBC Lied!

(1) Neither man was ever introduced to the audience as a “step-father”.

(2) PEOPLE MAG. “Her stepfather, medical technician Angel Garza, was tending to another victim when he learned the girl he raised as his own was among the dead, his mother told People magazine.” (The stepfather’s mother allegedly told this to People Magazine? This is a stretch)

(PROBLEM:  The Father in the CNN interview was essentially disguised, wearing dark glasses and a hat covering the hairline. Why would he otherwise leave his glasses and hat on during an epic CNN TV interview about the death of his daughter?  Makes no sense.  The emerging Tattoos under the shirt sleeve appear to match but could have been cosmetically applied for the CNN interview as plausible deniability.  Examine the content of “Part 2” video to see how the networks are trying to coverup their maistake.

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