Will Desperate Dems Be Forced To Destroy The Constitution To Stay In Power?

Twin Falls, Idaho
June 6, 2022

by Rich Scheck

The disaster facing the Democratic Party this November demands they adopt ever more radical policies in order to stay in power. I believe that includes the high likelihood that they find an excuse to block the midterm elections and prevent the Republicans from regaining control of the Congress.

A brief perusal of some headlines provides support for my thesis:

Making citizens more dependent on the State and providing them with enough goods to survive is an excellent formula that has historically provided the Democrats a large base of loyal voters.

But the “sovietization” of America has resulted in the destruction of the Constitution and the dramatic transformation of our society.

With so much bad news across the entire spectrum of important issues facing the current Administration, the need for an excuse to evoke emergency powers in order to implement their radical agenda is the only realistic recourse available to the authoritarian leftists now in power.

Whether we will see some sort of false flag attack, economic crisis, a new pandemic or a combination of troubling issues that can provide a pretext for shutting down the 2022 vote, imposing martial law and blocking dissent from disgruntled voters, remains to be seen.

The combination of very poor economic news and the possibility of the proxy war in Ukraine turning into something far worse underscores the abject failure of Biden’s presidency.

With so much at stake, the need to do everything they can to maintain power reminds us that desperate people do desperate things. Focusing on the January 6, 2021 “insurrection” as a way to demonize Trump’s MAGA “deplorables” may seem to be a good idea to the Party’s leaders.

But doing that while so much negative news is happening including the endless stream of illegal immigrants floating across our borders while gas prices explode may backfire on the Dems.

I pray my bleak analysis is wrong and that somehow the political process will be allowed to take its natural course in the coming days. I am not a supporter of Trump and see him as a divisive leader but his followers are entitled to vote for him and express their populist sentiments which I largely share.

Don’t be surprised, however, if tyranny raises its ugly head and we see the imposition of draconian measures, long the sole provenance of places like North Korea and other repressive regimes, come to America.

Does this portend the rise of a new political party? Perhaps! https://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=32281

The destruction of our Constitution is well under way with the finishing touches likely only a few months from now when the looming November vote portends a massive defeat for those now in charge.

The only thing one can be sure of in the present moment is that things will continue to get worse in the coming days until enough people finally wake up and say an emphatic no to the insanity!

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