Hallelujah! The Honorable and Righteous Clarence Thomas has taken complete control of the Supreme Court

Why are SCOTUS decisions coming out NOW???

Submitted by GA

No mystery…..we now have a majority of God fearing, God loving Conservatives on the bench, so they are doing the RIGHT things.

Roberts, a RINO, is now outvoted. I guess it took this long for Clarence Thomas, the OLDEST Justice on the bench, to assume control of the SCOTUS.

When the 2020 election fraud issue was first brought up, I don’t know if you heard or not, but there was a HUGE ARGUMENT in their chambers when Roberts was yelling at everyone and saying We Can NOT make a decision that will cause riots in the streets, and he was demanding that the newly appointed justices, “SHUT THE FUCK UP”. So the newly appointed Justices caved immediately, and ran away with their tales between their legs.

Since then I believe that Clarence Thomas has persuaded the new conservative justices not to be intimidated by Roberts, and decide according their hearts and minds dictated, and to do the right thing.

Clearly now RINO Roberts is no longer in control, and Clarence Thomas, …..the Justice who has been sitting on the bench the longest……is now in charge.

Knowing that controversial opinions will be coming out, the conservative justices arranged for them to come out, WHEN all the Justices were already on vacation, and out of the country or whatever, out of harms way. Our Justices should not be intimidated for Roberts or by ill informed dumbed down mobs incited by communists intent upon destroying this country.

So it is a time to rejoice.

But also a time to PRAY for God’s protection over the conservative Justices.

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