THE FACT IS: There’s a very real conspiracy behind every BIG story sensationalized by the CIA’s Mockingbird Media

So, when anyone ever comes back at you with:
“Oh, that’s a conspiracy theory”, just respond
with the reality that there’s virtually nothing —
NOTHING — that’
s not a very REAL conspiracy,
especially when it shows up in the forever lying
Mainstream Media (MSM).  Which means that
you are really a “Conspiracy Realist”.

Not only that, but also tell them that the primary
function of the CIA’s Mockingbird Media is really twofold: (i) to vigorously cover-up every single
one of those criminal conspiracies perpetrated
by the U.S. Federal Government, Corporate
America and other institutional co-conspirators
and (ii) to fabricate false criminal conspiracies
which are blamed on perfectly innocent parties
who pose a very real threat to the BEAST System.

In point of fact, Big Media is the most prolific
purveyor of patently false conspiracy theories
of all time.  Hence, your accuser should be
enlightened accordingly, since it is really they
who are peddling the most absurd conspiracies
theories, all of them concocted by the Corporate
Media in close collusion with the U.S. Intelligence Community.  And, your accuser is not even getting
paid to disseminate those utterly ridiculous
conspiracy theories … plus, they’re only looking
stupider by the day as the unvarnished and hard
truth inevitably leaks out. 

READ HERE: The C.I.A. created the ‘Conspiracy
Theory’ meme to shut down the Truth Movement

Bottom Line: In this day and age, there’s nothing
that’s not a conspiracy of some sort or kind, so
tell them that — with absolute conviction — and
you may be surprised by their conversion.

State of the Nation
July 17, 2022

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