In the United States Putin has found a secret weapon against the West

Submitted by Harold Saive
WSJ: Western moral and political confusion has become Putin’s secret weapon

MOSCOW, July 13 – RIA Novosti. The moral and political confusion of the modern West has become Russian President Vladimir Putin’s secret weapon, writes Walter Russell Mead for The Wall Street Journal.

“Putin is trying to play on the problems of Western society, which ultimately should bring the American world order to its knees. Betting on Western decadence has more than paid off for more than a decade,” the publication says.

The author believes that Russia in the economic war with the West was able not only to survive, but also to beat up its opponents. In particular, intimidated by the consequences of the financial confrontation, Germany began to shy away from its promises to increase defense spending, the article notes.

“Putin has been most successful in the areas of economics and politics where the West has seen its power as strongest,” Mead said.

In his opinion, the West is not optimistic about the fact that its values ​​will unite the world community and force it to come out against Russia in a united front. So, following China, joined by India and Brazil, countries around the world choose trade with Russia instead of solidarity with the G7, the author emphasized.

Mead concluded by listing three vulnerabilities in the Western system. He referred to the first trend towards protectionism in Europe and the United States, which reduces the economic attractiveness of the Western system for developing countries. The second problem is the value policy of the West. Many beliefs held dear by Western leaders, such as LGBT propaganda, baffle and offend billions of people around the world, Meade said. The third vulnerability lies in divisions within the liberal West. So, culture wars are raging there, and they do not contribute to unity abroad, the article concluded.

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