Take a look at Ukraine’s staggering Military and Civilian War Losses


Posted by Ted Baker

Saturday, July 23-2022 – Moscow, [local time 19:11:11]

Last numbers reported on Monday, July 18-2022 shown in brackets.

Since the beginning of the Special Military Operation [SMO] in [UK]raine, the Russian Military Forces have eliminated the following enemy’s targets:

  • 260 aircraft [256]
  • 144 helicopters [139]
  • 1,600 unmanned aerial vehicles [1,557]
  • 357 anti-aircraft missile systems [355]
  • 4,146 tanks and other armoured combat vehicles [4,073]
  • 763 multiple rocket launchers [746]
  • 3,185 field artillery pieces and mortars [3,149]
  • 4,453 special military vehicles [4,364]


                                                OBLITERATION SUMMARY

As of today [149th day] of the Special Military Operation [SMO] Russian Armed Forces has operated in more than 226 strategically combat areas across UKRAINE covering more than 37.0150% of Ukraine territory [244,299 square kilometres] which is equivalent to 93.9612% the size of GREAT BRITAIN or 33.2913% the size of TEXAS in the USSA.


  • The Ukrainian military is completely DEPLETED. Their morale is SINKING.
  • The Kiev regime will need to SURRENDER before its total self-destruction.
  • The estimated military cost of the war to Ukraine has reached the milestone of $1 trillion or more than 4 times its GDP in 2021.
  • The estimated value of the reconstruction of [UK]raine is around $5 trillion.
  • The 12 US-made HIMARS [max. 30-80 km range for rockets] sent to [UK]raine have not had any success in the battlefield so far. But instead, they’ve been used to launch an attack on ‘innocent’ [UK]rainian civilians, buildings, universities and even hospitals both in Kherson and Kharkov. So far 176 children have died since the operation began.
  • Out of the initial 260,200 recruited men to fight until the last [UK]raine nearly 86.5104% are no longer in the battlefield.
  • In the last 24 hours Ukraine has lost 60 [killed] and 0 [wounded] manpower.
  • At the current attrition rate, Ukraine has suffered more than 72,277 manpower casualties [excluding the wounded – 150,528 – and circa 2,160 foreign mercenaries deemed to be death by now]
  • 99.9186% of Ukraine army forces equipment is now ‘officially’ wiped out – the fighters have been without fuel and supply for more than EIGHT WEEKS.
  • 3,189 foreign mercenaries remain in Ukraine territory.
  • According to the Russian Investigative Committee, there are at least 16 different armed formations fighting on the side of the Ukrainian army comprised of mercenaries from approximately 50 countries. Of those more than 500 are POLISH.

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