Canadian mother of hospital ER nurse files criminal complaint with police about post jab deathly sick children

“They’re poisoning our children!”

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Crimes reported to Ontario Hamilton Police Services [HPS] Sept 08.21

A Freedom of Information [FOI] return includes a ‘criminal information’ package requesting criminal investigation into Ontario police and the Ontario Lieutenant Governor. This package was hand delivered to HPS on Sept 08.21.

ABSENT from the Sept 08.21 police report # 21733347 are adverse events in deathly sick children, reported by the mother of an emergency room nurse working in an Ontario hospital. Video and transcript as follows.

03:10 mins
We have a list here of several officers we tried to report crimes to and they refused to accept the information.
Police: I’ll take this information. Is this for me?

COMPLAINANT2: Yes. Can we have an incident number please, and badge number, and cards?
Police: Sure.

Mother: We want to be taken seriously. We’re just going to keep coming back until the police officers do their job.

Police: Is there a contact person?
Mother: You can contact me.
Police: You’re the contact person.
Mother: Sure.

Police: You’re first name?
Mother: Judy. This might be a separate issue. It is something I really think is important to bring up right now. My daughter is a registered nurse at McMaster in the ER. What she’s been seeing, she’s been there 11 years.

She’s seeing children come in after being vaccinated, deathly sick, heart attacks, blood clots, sick!

I don’t know if you guys have children. This is not okay. They’re poisoning our children. They do not need to be vaccinated because this is not a vaccine. There’s crimes being committed and if you guys aren’t going to investigate to see what’s going on, who is going to? That’s my question, who’s going to?

Police: Some of that stuff has to be addressed through the provincial and federal government, right? That’s why I brought up the name Mr. Glen because he’s been speaking with one of our detectives here, and crime manager Kim Harvey was involved as well, yes. It’s detective Oleniuk who spoke with a James Glen.

I know who James is.
Police: Is he not part of your group?
Mother: No. Look, we’re all just concerned citizens. We’re all affected by this on some level. You know what I mean.
Police: I wasn’t sure if James had shared this information with you or not.
Mother: Not.

COMPLAINANT3: I was actually here that day. I filed the report as well with him. I believe it was for a Fortinos’ incident or something, I mean I’ve been here every week essentially.
Police: I know the detective explained to him the right channel to go about addressing these concerns, so I was just wondering if that information was shared with you.
COMPLAINANT3: No, it was not.

COMPLAINANT4: We need to know if you’re with us or not.
Police: We try to stay impartial with everything.

COMPLAINANT4: If the shit hits the fan are you here for us, for our protection?
Police: We’re here for everybody’s protection. That’s our job.

COMPLAINANT2: That’s one of the reasons we’re here because we don’t feel protected.

06:54 mins
COMPLAINANT2: Fortinos that’s only one store. You need a mask or they won’t let you in. That’s not the only place. The town of Aylmer, the Church of God people. Are you familiar with the Church of God people?
Police: No.
COMPLAINANT4: I go there every Sunday.

COMPLAINANT2: So, they cannot even shop in their own home town, they are discriminated against because they don’t wear masks.
Police: Right.

COMPLAINANT2: OK, so a whole community is being interfered with, obstructed and whatever of essential services.
Police: Uh-hm.

COMPLAINANT2: That’s terrorism. OK that’s 83.01(1)(b) and it’s in the information there. So we need your protection to be able to do these things and since nothing’s ever been proven with regards to the emergency, like for example, the Lieutenant Governor used section 7.0.1(3) of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, talks about resources in that section. Never once in the report did they talk about resources, criteria, or circumstances that required the Declaration of an Emergency.

It would be like me telling you right now, don’t go in there (back into Station 10 building) there’s ghosts and then you follow my order because I’m the Lieutenant Governor but I never once show you any evidence of a ghost. OK.

COMPLAINANT2: It’s the same thing, so that’s HOAX regarding terrorism. So I’ve been doing a “hoax” on you if I told you don’t go in there (back into Station 10 building), because there are ghosts.

COMPLAINANT2: OK so that’s a simple stupid example, but never once was anything under oath – criteria, circumstances, or resources. OK so we’re asking you. We have two complaints that complaint here [continued below]
POLICE: I’ll pass on the information.
COMPLAINANT2: And then the Lieutenant Governor who did this without any information (evidence).

MOTHER: We’ve never seen any evidence like 18 months later zero evidence. They just showed up on television one day because they’re bought and paid for. The media is bought and paid for. They’re given a script and there you go, read it. This is what you’re supposed to read today. It’s completely false information What they’re putting in and everyone’s believing it because they think the news is actually a true thing.

(Police saying “true” and nodding in acknowledgement)

COMPLAINANT2: It’s not sworn.

MOTHER: I’m tired of them keeping people in fear, that’s all it is. The television propaganda is feeding fear, fear, fear so people will continue to go along with this. Enough already. There’s been no evidence of it.
Police: I see your frustration.

MOTHER: We need it to stop.
Police: I just think it would be best addressed beyond the Hamilton Police Services if you’re looking to make changes.

MOTHER: Who but you? There is no one.
Police: It would be the Federal or Provincial government.

MOTHER: The government lies, the government is complicit in this because it goes way higher than the government.

The faces we see as government, it’s not them doing this. It goes way, way beyond that. Do you understand what I’m saying? Does it make sense to you or do you not know what I’m saying when I say it goes way beyond the faces we see that are supposed to be government that are supposed to be working for us and for the greater good, it goes beyond that… …. because we’re beyond that.

Police: I’m not going to debate it with you.
MOTHER: I’m just asking a question.

COMPLAINANT4: She’s trying to find out if you’re awake or not.

Police: To be honest, I’m not gonna debate.
MOTHER: Do you know what I mean when I say that? It’s not a debate, I’m asking a straight forward question. Do you know what I mean when I say that? The faces we think are government they’re not, and even the Lieutenant Governor, no, she’s getting orders from way higher up, does that resonate with you guys? It’s just a question. You don’t wanna answer?

COMPLAINANT2: In the Canadian Bill of Rights in the third sentence, it says Parliament shall ensure the protection of these rights and freedoms in Canada. Parliament is defined as the Queen, the Senate, and the House of Commons.

COMPLAINANT2: So they disobeyed a statute. They disobeyed the Bill of Rights so it’s a criminal code section 126. So we would like the police to investigate disobeying a statue by the Queen, the Senate, and the House of Commons.
Police: Is that in this information?
COMPLAINANT2: I’m not sure if it’s in there, but I am just kinda throwing it out there.
Police: I’ll pass that on to officer Harvey.

(The police Sargent acknowledged about the information regarding parliament and the protection of our rights.)

COMPLAINANT2: And also the federal debt and the provincial debt, mostly the provincial I’m focusing on because Lieutenant Governor signed ….. It’s about 350 billion dollars (debt). We can’t even get to a surplus of $250 million. That would be 1400 years to pay off if we can get surpluses but we can’t even get surpluses. That’s FRAUD 380, it’s in there.
Police: OK

MOTHER: Do I get a follow up? Do I get any sort of follow up from you?
Police: Would you like to be contacted by officer Harvey? Email?

MOTHER: Yeah, that would be great.
Police: Sure.

COMPLAINANT2: So you can, under the Bill of Rights and Charter of Rights – equal benefit equal protection of the law – take into custody your chief.
Police: We don’t plan on doing that.
COMPLAINANT2: Yeah right it’s a career ending move.

MOTHER: But it might be for the greater good. We have to be heard this can’t be the future for our children and our grandchildren.
Police: Yeah.

COMPLAINANT4: And your children and grandchildren. We want to be free.
MOTHER: Your children and grandchildren, yes.

Police: I will pass on this information… anything else you guys?

COMPLAINANT4: I just say, if you back us up, we back you up. I mean, we are not against you. Not at all. We want to support you, we hope that you’ll support us.
Police: I appreciate that.

COMPLAINANT2: We’re here in support of 1.2 of the Police Services Act, safeguard the fundament rights and the Human Rights Code. Just dignity alone…Suicides, lockdown suicides become murder so we’re reporting murder…. in essence.

COMPLAINANTS 2,3,4: The children, children, children!

13:22 mins
My daughter she’s just at the point where she doesn’t like her job being threatened – get vaccinated or you’re gone.

She’s been a front line worker through all of this. She’s been a hero and now she’s considered a zero because she doesn’t want to get vaccinated with this poison. More to the point, what she is seeing is children coming in after being vaccinated. She knows what these vaccines are doing and even more so, why would she want to inject this poison into her body.

I have two granddaughters. She needs to be here, you know what I am saying?

(Complainant again shows police the picture of a 29 year old man who killed himself because of the lockdown. This is MURDER.)

COMPLAINANT2: Culpable homicide. We don’t want the next suicide, and we don’t want to argue with you guys.
Police: We don’t wanna see that situation either.

MOTHER:and children, yes, suicide. She’s been there 11 years. She’s never seen so many suicides than in the last year – children 17 and under at that hospital killing themselves in really horrific ways like they’ve never seen before, and the ones that don’t succeed are admitted into the hospital that’s what’s happening to these children.

COMPLAINANT2: So we accuse the Lieutenant Governor of MURDER.

MOTHER: This can’t go on.

COMPLAINANT2: The Lieutenant Governor signed through the instrument of not a gun but of a pen and if you see the signatures.
Police: I read the last…

COMPLAINANT2: And if you see the signatures, the Lieutenant Governor needs to immediately be questioned. Ma’am, did you see the signatures, you signed this.

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