The WAR ON HUMANITY is much more dangerous than most anyone knows!

Dr. Martin Kulldorf,
Dr. Jay Bhattacharya,
Dr. Sunetra Gupta,

Dear Dr. Kulldorf, Dr. Bhattacharya, and Dr. Gupta,

Thank you in behalf of the public for your integrity, and your ethically-sound ‘Great Barrington Declaration’ which I have signed as a member of the public. That public health agencies have failed to ethically serve the public during a ‘pandemic’ that increasingly appears to be a coordinated effort by governments to limit human freedom, is becoming glaringly evident.

I am writing to bring to your attention another way in which healthcare workers are being forced to harm rather than help.

My name is Elizabeth Coady and I am the victim of the most horrific human abuses I have ever encountered on a personal level, occurring at the hands of the US DoD, DARPA and NIH — all of involved in grave crimes against humanity.

These agencies, along with other federal US intelligence and medical agencies, are involved in secret barbaric nonconsensual experimentation of US citizens enrolled in the Darpa brain initiative. This entailed covertly implanting unwitting citizens with neural prosthetics and other devices and torturing them with remote satellite radiowave weapons in order to, among other things, ‘brain emulate’ them. Oxford scientist Anders Sandberg discusses the brain bashing allegedly necessary for brain emulation, which he calls a ‘one-way ticket,’ in this video.

I have been tortured and provoked for 10 years in these programs for brain mapping, for the collection of brain waves and the creation of algorithms for artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, robotics and cognitive studies. The torture is invisible, nonstop and horrific, and made possible with the covert implantation of ‘injectable electronics’ and satellite drones. Stanford and Oxford, and likely Harvard too, are directly involved in this experimentation. The subjects are coerced to accept a false mental illness diagnosis with the hope that the torture will end. But for a very specific reason I cannot elucidate here, but would be happy to share with you in private, I have been disinclined to go along with such fiction at great cost.

Now after ten years, these agencies seek to force me to suicide with extreme covert torture by activating radioactive devices IMPLANTED IN MY EAR AND SKULL. My face is becoming deformed. Yet NO DOCTOR IS ALLOWED TO ACKNOWLEDGE OR OFFER LEGITIMATE MEDICAL CARE. Let me repeat: US and UK DOCTORS ARE BEING FORCED TO COVER UP AND COLLUDE IN TORTURE, CRIMINAL MALPRACTICE, MURDER AND FORCED SUICIDE. These are crimes against humanity being carried out on individuals without due process and against the US Constitution’s promise against cruel and unusual punishment. Congressmembers and law enforcement are aware and are actively colluding to hide these crimes.

Dr. Francis Collins, Dr. Tony Fauci and Dr. Christine Grady are aware of these crimes against humanity and are actively participating in their execution and coverup. Dr. Grady, Dr. Fauci’s wife, oversees human experimentation at NIH and subscribes to the ‘greater good’ rationale in research, which I have come to know really means sacrificing some lives for the profits of others.

I am seeking your help in finding ethical physicians and institutions who are appalled and sickened by this depraved human trafficking and torture, and who will remove this technology from my face and skull. Radiologists are also being forced to lie by habit about the presence of implants in the victims, including me. This, despite my setting off metal detectors at airports, courthouses, and having paid for a personal scan proving radio tech is present in my body.

I have also been able to have several pieces removed from my body in recent weeks by three body piercers all of whom were contacted by intelligence agencies and forced to deny further tech removal. Two of the body piercers went to extreme effort to avoid me subsequent to removing the tech, while the third also denied me further aid, informing me that they were contacted and threatened by the CIA should they remove further tech from my body.

I am a 61-year-old former journalist with no criminal history who was put in this program for political revenge. That this has been done to me for political reasons is evidence of how far astray our intelligence agencies have strayed from legitimate defense research as I can think of no legitimate reason why a 61-year-old citizen should be defaced and disabled with radioactive brachytherapy pellets and other devices.

This is SHEER NAZISM and I ask your help in seeking to remove this tech. The world is teetering into global tyranny with the WEF’s transhumanist agenda. This is at the heart of what is occurring globally. Too many who claim to be freedom fighters, including Dr. Robert Malone, are actually secretly serving that agenda.

Please help.
Elizabeth Coady

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