Original Antigenic Sin – The Hidden Danger Of COVID KILL SHOTS!

It has been a most interesting day for yours truly… Work still sucks, but I am enduring and pushing hard to force the bastards in charge to give me my retirement package so that I can get the fuck out and never have to deal with a corporation that very apparently tried to KILL ME with their forced lethal injections… I have done basically next to nothing now for the last 2+ months since my ‘recall’ and refuse to give them one iota of any ‘support’ for anything major… I do hope that they get the message and give me what I want so that I never have to deal with them ever again…

All that, and I have been worried about my friend John Kaminski, who lives at Southport in Florida which is now in the BULLSEYE of that “Hurricane Ian” that has magically turned right (no weather modification, right?) and will apparently come right over Charlotte Harbour near John’s residence…. After talking with John just earlier today, he has decided to stay near his residence at his sister’s place and try to ‘ride out the storm’…. I am crossing my fingers that he will be OK… In the meantime, the hurricane making landfall tomorrow afternoon means that John’s show for THIS Thursday at ‘Speak Free Radio’ will be postponed as he is assuming that he will have zero power for his computer or his internet service….

OK, Now onto the business at hand, and once again I am wanting to BLAST the SCAMDEMIC which I have done now for nearly 3 years, with some more very interesting material that was sent my way earlier… Thus I do want to present the following report, originally from Doctor Joseph Mercola, and reposted by the great writers over at the STATE OF THE NATION website at http://www.stateofthenation.co … This one is entitled: “Original Antigenic Sin – The Hidden DANGER of COVID Shots” and I do have it right here in its entirety for my own readers to read and ponder for themselves…. I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

COVID-19 has been going on for nearly three years, and with a whole new set of untested COVID boosters being rolled out, some scientists are taking a step back, cautioning that there still are unanswered questions about how the shots work.

They say more research needs to be done on what is known as “original antigenic sin,” aka “immune imprinting,” which refers to how your immune system responds to repeated introductions of the COVID variants.

Continue reading at: https://northerntruthseekersblog.wordpress.com/2022/09/27/original-antigenic-sin-the-hidden-danger-of-covid-kill-shots/

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