ELECTION DAY 2022: An Inevitable and Unmitigated Disaster of Epic Proportions

“But because it’s a divinely ordained disaster
written in the stars and illumined by the
heavens, it’s all good.” 

The First Total Lunar Eclipse
on Election Day in U.S. History


Cosmic Convergence Research Group
SOTN Exclusive

2022 has already played host to a variety of extraordinary celestial happenings and astrological events.  When all of these dramatic heavenly signs is considered in the aggregate they point to a deafening crescendo that is about to take place beginning on Election Day—November 8th.

But why is November 8, 2022 the trigger point, as well as the point of no return, particularly for the United States of America.

First, take a very close look at the graphic above which shows exactly where this total lunar eclipse will be visible around the globe.

Were a vertical line to be drawn through the middle of the total eclipse viewing area, it would perfectly bisect the Pacific Ocean cleanly into two halves.  It would also highlight the extent to which the Russia Federation and the United States of America are nearly jointed at the very center of the maximum viewing area.

This is no celestial accident or cosmic quirk of fate; rather, it’s occurring at this defining moment in world history to send a divine message to both the American people and people of Russia, and especially to their leaders.

However, the hidden meaning for each nation is radically different from the other.  We will only discuss the significance for America in this post.

KEY POINT: For those initiated into the realm of political/financial astrology, the following BREAKDOWN presciently explains the inevitable breakdown of the Old World Order.  It also nicely breaks down why the Khazarian-planned New World Order will soon undergo an irreparable breakdown. See: ELECTION DAY TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE: You don’t know what you don’t know

2022 Midterm Elections

As the U.S. electorate votes on November 8th, they will have an opportunity to reject the aggressively provocative Ukraine War that the Khazarian-directed Washington establishment has recklessly brought to Russia’s doorstep.

The American people will also have the chance to throw out the utterly treacherous and treasonous and dangerous and traitorous and perfidious Democrat Party which has inflicted so much damage on the nation.  Truly, the communist-controlled Democrat Party has irreparably torn the social fabric of America.

A total lunar eclipse is always a time when things which were hidden from view are revealed.  Hence, in the weeks and months ahead many profound betrayals and heinous crimes committed against the US citizenry will be exposed … but only because of the HUGE changes in Congress brought about by the monumental midterm election outcomes.

In particular, the never-ending crime sprees stealthily perpetrated against the American body politic will come to light in regard to the ongoing biowar known as OPERATION COVID-19 and the weaponized Covid Super Vaccination Agenda.

Moreover, decades of US government-sponsored criminal conspiracies carried out against the populace will be laid bare for all to see.  These stunning revelations and shocking disclosures will be made in rapid succession as never before.

People, you are about to experience the roller coaster ride from
heaven and hell and everywhere in between.  So, buckle up!

This highly cathartic process will initiate a whole new national conversation about how to proceed with respect to the hopelessly corrupt U.S. Federal Government, which now functions as an hardcore international crime syndicate that acts with total impunity.

Yes, it’s gonna get bad starting on Election Day but it also serves as a defining moment in this ongoing Second American Revolution and/or Second Civid War.  However, unlike those first two armed conflicts, this war is not being fought with bullets and bombs; rather, it’s being waged with radioactive information and raw data, startling divulgences and astonishing exposés.

Now, what are some of those astrological portents that foreshadow a time of unparalleled turbulence and turmoil?

There was a Mars, Uranus and Rahu Conjunction on July 31/August 1 of 2022 that portends explosive events to come (until the end of 2022 and beyond).  That particular astrological event presaged a period of highly combustible conflicts and clashes, combats and contests, as never seen before in American public life.

Because of the complete lack of resolution of the stolen 2020 POTUS election, many of those explosive events are most assuredly related to this festering sore on the body politic.

Particularly because the Democrat Party (with lots of help from Big Media & Big Tech) is constantly rubbing salt in this wound by pejoratively calling anyone who questions that proven stolen election an ‘election denier’ — FOR TWO STRAIGHT YEARS NOW — things have reached an unparalleled boiling point and crashing crescendo.

The November 8th “Blood Moon” and total lunar eclipse in this month of the Beaver Full Moon has been foreordained to see that the whole place is ‘blown up’, once and for all.  The party is over, specifically for the Democrat Party as well as their many RINO co-conspirators.

So, everyone, grab your popcorn, sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy the show; for THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH is about to begin.  FOR REAL ! ! !

UPDATE #1 (11/8/22)

The news is already coming in from around the country about the various voting fiascos and equipment debacles, and what a wild show it’s been.  Such serious electoral problems are par for the course on an Election Day that started with a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE. Really, what won’t go wrong this Election Day when it started with a totally discombobulating Blood Moon eclipse as extremely desperate and brazen Democrats set out to steal every election in sight.  Everyone ought to be fully aware that this catastrophic electoral clusterf*uck has been preordained by none other than you know who.  In this way, the Democrat perps will try to carry out all of their dastardly election theft plans in the midst of the very chaos and confusion that they themselves caused … … … only to be caught later on with their hands in the cookie jar, or rather voting tabulators.  This is precisely how it has to happen—they need to commit the crime so they will finally do the time.  Surely, this disastrous Election Day will go down in history as the biggest eff-up of all time.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
State of the Nation
November 7, 2022

SOTN Editor’s Note: When the history books of the future are written, November 8, 2022 will be acknowledged as the proverbial point of no return for the American Republic.  This temporal line of demarcation will be viewed as the day when the Second American Revolution finally went kinetic.  In other words, as this 21st century rubicon is irreversibly crossed, the hot phase of the Second Civil War is about to begin.

However, as the wise CCRG prophets have written above, this war cannot be fought with guns and cannons, for the USA battleground is not set up for such an armed conflict.  This nationwide infowar is being furiously fought with smartphones and tablets, desktops and laptops by digital soldiers across the Internet.  In fact, courageous cyber warriors wake up each and every morning and launch a thousand flaming arrows into the Deep State castle throughout their day of fierce info-tech hostilities.

In point of fact, this epic war has been raging since the very day that Donald Trump first declared his candidacy in June of 2015.  And President Trump (he is the only legitimate POTUS) just announced his candidacy today, November 7th, for 2024 on the very day before this Blood Moon eclipse. It should be noted that Trump was born on Friday, June 14, 1946—a day marked by a total lunar eclipse. Which means that, just like Trump exposed the MSM’s fake news 24/7, now it’s all gonna come out.  The CIA’s Mockingbird Media and massive mind control programming operation will be outed forever.

So, “YES!”, we are talking about the single greatest defining moment of the Third Millennium for these once United States of America.  Truly, this Election Day Total Lunar Eclipse augurs the moment of truth that every American Patriot has been waiting for.  Therefore, it is time to seize the day of this profoundly decisive moment for the sake of the continuity of the Republic.  The truth-demanding Patriot Movement MUST respond to this once-in-a-century clarion call to take back this nation from those who have stolen it.



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