“There is no doubt that the Demoncrats cheated big time.”

Comment posted by Fielding Mellish

“There is no doubt that the Demoncrats cheated big time. You cannot have the statistical loss in confidence coupled with the sad state of the nation and the world, in a midterm election, and get those results. The cheating occurred in the key swing states in the heavily urbanized areas. All one need to do is to check the number of registered voters, for example, in Atlanta or Philly and then measure how many votes were actually counted from those areas. I assure you the discrepancies were huge which is the only way that we could have had the outcome we had. The Senate is a much easier target than the House because of the sheer number of elections that need to be controlled to capture the House. Now, the fact is, it looks like the GOP will still take the House even with the fraud headwinds that were blowing. If Bitch McConnell had any kahunas he will go to Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema and offer them a deal to join the GOP. Manchin is particularly vulnerable because his home state is solid solid red. Paul is right it is through the Demoncratic control of the highly urbanized areas of the country that they have the power to rule through fraud and that is what they have chosen to do and we need to stop them. One way we stop them, particularly in the red states, is to exercise our states rights and to have those states protect their citizens from the illegal and unconstitutional federal intrusion into the rights of her people. States need to defend their citizens civil and constitutional rights. They need to protect their citizens. It is probable that the Demoncrats will hold onto the Senate unless McConell gets more agressive seeking to pull over Sinema and Manchin….and even with them we still have to factor in the drag effect of the RINOS. The real good news is, looking at the 37 or so outstanding races that are left to be officially declared, it is clear that the GOP will take the House…..Hail…Hail..the wicked witch is dead! Many of these ‘undecided’ races have really been decided several of which are in California where the Republican lead by a significant margin. Why then have they not been declared? One must wonder why the stall. Actually we do not need to wonder. If these outstanding races across the country were declared the Democrats would lose the House.”


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