77% of delayed vote counts in Dem states & cities favor their party

Submitted by GA

People are gradually awakening to election/voter fraud and its consequences.

Its a bit too gradual for me.

This group is diplomatically stating the bleeding obvious:

Why do they continue to “tip toe” around the bleeding obvious???

Going into the 2022 mid-term elections, more than 40% (almost half) of Americans doubted the integrity and outcomes of US elections.

Now those doubts and concerns are going to new unprecedented levels because of new reversals and Democrat wins that defy the polls, the mood of the nation, and historical trends combined with delayed vote counts!

Twitter continues to exercise bias against conservative news reports about elections integrity under Elon Musk.

Late or delayed vote counts in cities and states ruled by Democrats led to Democrat wins 10 out of 13 times in recent years (77% instead of 50%)!

Lengthy delays in vote counting followed by good news for Democrats. It’s happened all across the country.” Tucker Carlson, Fox News, 11/10/2022. (7:40 mark in video)

Video: Tucker Carlson exposes the trend of Democrats benefiting from delayed vote counting.

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