And these are just of few of the heinous war crimes committed by Zelensky’s Nazi regime.


Woman Found Tortured in Basement

Warcrimes of POWs

Ukrainian doctor has ordered his staff to CASTRATE Russian soldiers | Daily Mail Online

Ukrainian soldiers executing Russian POWs

POW War Crimes commis par le groupe Azov en Ukraine

Execution of Russian POWs by Azov

Ukrainian Nazis On Tank Ran Over Wounded Russian Soldier

Ukrainian Nazis Tortured Russian Prisoner Of War


**13 Civilians Fell Victims Of Precision Strike By Ukrainian Nazis In Donetsk Photos, Videos

**Kiev’s Attempt To Disrupt Vote Referendum Claimed Lives Of At Least 6 Civilians In Donetsk

**Ukrainian Nazis Mine Children’s Facilities When Retreating In Donbass

Ukrainian Forces Killed Nine Civilians In Donetsk

Kiev Forces Killed Five Civilians In Kherson With US-Made HIMARS Videos

Deadly attack | Ukrainian army launches missile on Donetsk

Blood On The Streets In Donetsk (Photos)

Kiev’s Terrorist Strategy Kills Civilians In Donbass & Russian Border Regions

Mariupol woman. “Fascists used us as human shields, murdered people”

20 civilians dead after Ukrainian missile strike

Warcrimes-Humanitarian corridor

Another Crime Of Ukrainian Local Defence Against Civilians Revealed In Zaporizhia

Kiev Regime Kills Refugees Who Flee War-Torn Areas Seeking Russian Protection

Ukrainian Nazis Kill Civilians, As Russians Approach

Ukrainian Refugees Come to Russian Controlled Territory

Warcrimes-OSCE – Amnesty International – US State Dept

(Idiots-Recording themselves)

**2022-Video:Russians Hiding In Schools/Human Shields: Not

2017-John McCain, Lindsey Graham,Klobuchar in Ukrainewith Nazis – YouTube

*Zelensky’s Top Aide Shows Admiration For ISIS

2014-Ukrainian Nationalist Volunteers Committing ‘ISIS-Style’ War Crimes Newsweek

2014- ‘Mounting Evidence’ Of War Crimes In Ukraine

2014-(3) mass graves found near Donetsk by self-defense forces, OSCE confirms

2014-Mass graves uncovered as retreating neo-Nazis terrorize southeastern Ukraine – Workers World

2014-Warcrimes of Ukrainian leadership

2014 -Amnesty International’s Chief Urges Kyiv To Control Volunteer Militia

2014-Ukraine: Summary killings during the conflict in eastern Ukraine – Amnesty International

2015-Amnesty International raises alarm over war crimes in Ukraine | The Star

*2020-Ukraine Human Rights – United States Department of State

2021-Remains Taken From Mass Grave In Donbass Is Evidence Of Crimes By Ukrainian Military

2022-Russia Opens Criminal Case After Discovery of Mass Graves of Civilians in Donbass

2022-Amnesty International fully ‘stands by’ report on Ukraine

2022-Ukraine: military endangering civilians | Amnesty International

2022-Ukraine: Ukrainian fighting tactics endanger civilians – Amnesty International

2022-Russia Gaining International Support as War Crimes are Exposed in Ukraine

2022-Kupyansk-Kiev’s Propagandist Revealed Ukrainian Nazis Kill Civilians

2022-Ukrainians Using Their People as Human Shields | EU | Before It’s News

2022-‘Tortured’ bodies unearthed in mass graves of liberated town Izyum

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