The FTX Black Operation: A Central Banking & Deep State PsyOp

The FTX “Crypto-Central Bank” Operation

When insatiable greed overcomes fear, disaster is certain

Chris Kitze

Everyone is talking about the FTX cryptocurrency failure and bankruptcy — FTX alone will be bigger than Enron ($50B vs $23B). In a complete coincidence, I’m sure (/sarc), the gentleman who cleaned up Enron will be cleaning up the FTX trainwreck, as well. Many people lost their money in FTX and other related company failures, over 100 other firms have declared bankruptcy because of FTX. How did this happen, who caused it and who benefited from FTX and this debacle? FTX and the other crypto exchanges and coins must fail or be regulated into a box and the digital passport and wallet will be released before the Central Bank Digital Currency is launched.

In this article, I will demonstrate that FTX was a project of central banking, deep state actors and it was likely loaded with CCP plants. The purpose of FTX was to be a money laundry for the WEF New World Order, to bribe politicians, and eventually to massively fail, leading people away from crypto and into the hands of the only “safe and legal” crypto, the Central Bank Digital Currency. “Only our bank is safe.” is their motto.

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Building an exchange is not easy, it requires a lot of capital and experienced people… “fit and proper” is the terminology of qualification of banking in Liechtenstein, where I attempted to setup an exchange. The staff must be qualified people with a decade or more experience in working at banks and in banking compliance and you will immediately notice that FTX did not have people with this level of experience and in my opinion, this caused the failure.

I also personally know people who founded crypto exchanges; one crypto trading platform had three founders and their profit distribution for just one year was $500m each — this was a straight up exchange that didn’t trade exotic options or derivatives and never used leverage or fractional reserve and it wasn’t the biggest. When you can make this kind of money on transaction fees, why take any unnecessary risks? Exchanges can be wickedly profitable, like a casino, insurance company or bank and that is exactly why FTX was created. FTX was using the winnings to help fund their political agenda and buy favors from politicians — it would then get regulation passed to give FTX a legal monopoly.

The Biggest Power Brokers Helped FTX from the Start

Sam at a conference with “sponsors” Tony and Bill.

FTX had the sponsorship of the biggest names in politics and banking and partnerships with the WEF and others. They spread the wealth to be sure anyone important had an interest in their success, regardless of political party, though most funding went to liberal Democratic party causes.

FTX was a partner of WEF. This web page signaled Cult support of FTX; it has been removed from the internet. (screenshot)

In my understanding, the goal of FTX was to become a registered legal monopoly for custody and trading of crypto, similar to DTCC and Cede and Co. for publicly traded shares. As Wikipedia says “Cede technically owns all of the publicly issued stock in the United States.[2] Thus, investors do not themselves hold direct property rights in stock, but rather have contractual rights that are part of a chain of contractual rights involving Cede.” This was the goal of FTX. To literally own all the crypto in the world — they would use regulation and the power of their new friends in government and banking to accomplish that.

Remember: “You will own nothing and be happy”.

Ukraine was also a connection to FTX; crypto donations were accepted by an account at FTX and forwarded on to the central bank (National Bank of Ukraine). There have been speculation and memes about the ~$100B of funds sent from the US Congress to Ukraine ending up in politicians pockets and PACs — there is no proof (yet, let’s see if the “life insurance” customer list shows up) that Ukraine funds provided by the US round tripped through FTX. However, U.S. politicians have provably taken funds for their PAC’s from Sam and FTX. Sam was the #2 donor to Democrat political orgs only after George Soros:

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