Patriots, we need to talk … NOW!!!

Submitted by The Angry Patriot
SOTN Exclusive

My fellow Patriots, the time has come not just to talk, but to act… and act decisively before it’s too late.

After all, who can deny the following stark realities?

The communist-controlled Democrat Party just got away with “stealing every election in sight” during the both the 2020 and 2022 election cycles.

By the way, what SOTN really means by the preceding meme in bold italics is that the Democrat Party set out to steal every single election in all 50 states that they could plausibly get away with.  Which they have successfully done in back-to back election years!

I mean, for real, every Patriot knew a massive red wave was sweeping — unstoppably — across America during these midterm elections, but only Florida was quite suspiciously hit by the very predictable RED TIDAL WAVE?!

Oh, really?!?!?!

Gov. Ron DeSantis heroically exposes the
Democrat’s ongoing midterm election thefts
and all he had to do was run a fair statewide
election throughout Florida.

Now here we are on Thanksgiving weekend, and all we hear is … … … … … … crickets.

Do folks not understand that there WILL NOT — CANNOT — be another fair election in these once United States of America?  And, that the 2024 elections will be the most rigged and fixed, stolen and fraudulent in U.S. history?!

In other words, recent electoral history has proven — BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT — that Democrats can only win ballots via rampant vote fraud and outright election theft.*

*By the way, that ‘little’ data point also implies that the Democrat Party will seize power by brute force when their nationwide election thievery syndicate no longer works for them.

Patriots, is there any doubt about this?

So, we need to talk … seriously talk.  Especially because these hardcore communists are set to go bolshevik at the drop of a hat.

They don’t care about you, they don’t care about US, they don’t care about their families and friends or their communities or their country, etc.  They just want power—RAW POWER.  Undisputed power and influence to forever destroy the American Republic.

That’s all they really want.

Of course, they do want to create a “Sodom and Gomorrah” in every state where they can continue to advance their satanic agenda of cultural marxism where every city and county becomes a LGBTQIA paradise.  Isn’t that the godforsaken Obamanation Barry Soetoro set out to make.

In fact, the furtive leaders of the Democrat’s ongoing war on Christian, conservative, white America don’t even care about their own fans and followers.  Every leftie and liberal, progressive and Democrat is totally expendable in the conduct of this stealthy bolshevik revolution.  The Khazarian Cabal is perfectly willing to sacrifice anyone and everyone in the furtherance of their nakedly demonic cause to destroy this constitutional republic.

So, what can be done at this late date?

What can the Patriot Movement do to stave off the planned communist takeover of the American Republic?

Just askin’, folks.

The Angry Patriot
November 25, 2022
State of the Nation

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