By Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot

…”The violent flames and towering black smoke is the vinylidene dichloride created phosgene which has led to the harmful effects now and in the near future for any and all humans and animals who were exposed or will be exposed (1200 miles North, East and South) to the chemically laden fumes and smoke (over 44,000 wild animals and birds from 5500 species were reportedly killed as of Feb. 28, 2023), and many local residents have been suffering and will suffer from “phosgene poisoning” aka chemical poisoning from the Norfolk – EPA pit burn) of vinylidene dichloride affecting the blood and respiratory systems.”  – The 4 Horsemen of The Apocalypse Have Been Set Loose On East Palestine Ohio & Beyond!  (Article by ROBERT O. YOUNG, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner)

Origin of the train traveling Dow Chemical Co., Madison Site  Southwest of Springfield, IL. .. near St. Louis, MO. where it was stored there for decades.  Why are they moving these highly radioactive toxic materials from one place to another?  And WHY are they being moved at this time????  Why are they moving fluid liquids … the phosgene — is like pure chlorine.

THE FIVE CARS THAT DERAILED DID NOT CONTAIN VINYL CHLORIDE AS FALSELY REPORTED BY THE INVESTIGATORS LEADING TO A COVERUP.   How do you plan this with the rains coming in — all raining down — getting on everything …into the water and into the soil.  Dr. Young estimates this all covered 12,000 miles to the east, 12,000 miles to the north and 12,000 miles to the south.  It has affected Canada and Quebec.  The damage that has occurred will last OVER A HUNDRED YEARS.  Once it gets into the water and once it gets into the soil, you are looking at a scene just like Chernobyl or Fukushima.   ….The Company and EPA put out the wrong information saying that the water is safe to drink.  Phosgene is extremely toxic weapon during WWI which caused 85,000 deaths.

All the way from Madison, Illinois, the destination of the train was to go to Chesapeake Bay, Maryland .. to the US army’s proving ground.  Usually when toxic chemicals are being moved, they are moved to the OCEAN.  In this same month of February — there were 12 derailments and that has never happened before in history.  IT IS NOT JUST COINCIDENCE.  THERE IS NO COINCIDENCE!!!!  These attacks are AGAINST THE UNITED STATES.  The East Palestine train wreck was purposely sabotaged — like a BOMB on a train.  Noone saw the accident.  …There are no patents on NATURE.  …THERE NEEDS TO BE AN IMMEDIATE CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATION HEARING NOW!!!!  THIS IS AN ATTACK ON HUMANITY. …probably was intended to be WORLDWIDE.  THIS ACCIDENT IS AFFECTING THE ENTIRE EAST COAST.  The Environmental Protection Agency is treating us like guinea pigs.  ALL LIVES MATTER.   You cannot drink the water, you cannot bathe in the water.  PROTECT YOUR SELF AND YOUR FAMILY.  YOU CANNOT TRUST BOTTLED WATER EITHER.

Use 165 mg of potassium iodide to protect yourself.  You have to protect yourself.   LINK to Dr. Young’s website:


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