VIDEO & PHOTO PROOF: The Nashville crime scene was set up in advance and the shooting was staged.

Nashville’s Christian School Mass Shooting:
A Staged, False Flag, Gladio-style Black Operation and Psyop with
Several Objectives

The perfectly staged photos of this transparent op tell the whole story

State of the Nation

First, look at the photo above.  It’s all over the Internet by design.

Next, take a close look at the photos below.  Again, they’re being plastered all over the Internet with great purpose.

Now, watch the video posted HERE to view this meticulously choreographed PR stunt.

Obviously, the entire ‘crime scene’ was set up in advance so the well-trained crisis actor could play her part well.

Her main part, of course, was to dramatically show the whole world just how scary an assault rifle looks when it’s being brandished as she walks all over the Christian Covenant school for children.

What follows is more photographic evidence proving that this choreographed mass shooting is a transparent hoax:

These damning photos prove that the entire video of alleged Covenant school mass shooter released by law enforcement proves
it was a prerecorded hoax!

Then there is this last piece of incriminating evidence of a massive fraud perpetrated by law enforcement.

The Covenant school shooter also went
mysteriously missing his watch?! (Photos)

Celebrity & Political Cultural Marxists

The set up for this false flag mass shooting actually began long ago as every Gladio-coordinated MCE is planned years in advance.

MCE = Mass Casualty Event

The manipulated convergence of America’s Celebrity Society with the rapidly growing Trans Movement has created a highly volatile atmosphere for transgenders to act out violently, and get away with it.

Jane Fonda Called for Christian Politicians to be Murdered Weeks
Before ‘Targeted’ Attack on Nashville Christian School (Video)

Similarly, all of the Soros-funded mayors, district attorneys and state attorneys have signaled virtual impunity for crimes committed by the Left.  You name it, the liberals can now get away with it.  And the supposedly oppressed transgenders are the most protected class of all.

The various sanctuary states and cities such as California and San Fransisco, respectively, now provide sanctuary for convicted criminals across the whole spectrum of criminality.

This dangerous environment is especially empowering the most violent transgenders to take out their frustration on their perceived enemy—Christians.  Although unreported by the mainstream media, there have been many mass shootings conducted by transgenders over the past few years.

WATCH: Tucker Carlson delivers EPIC monologue
on trans terrorism on Christianity (Video)

Staging a shocking attack on a Christian school in the heart of the Bible Belt shows the entire LGBT Movement that they can literally get away with murder.  And, if an MCE perpetrator does enter a hostile area, they will either kill themselves or be taken out by law enforcement like this: Watch! Moment Transgender Gunwoman Neutralized By Police (Video)

In this manner, those who secretly rule these once United States intend to manufacture yet another war pitting citizen against citizen.  What better way to divide and conquer a populace than to drive a sharp LGBTQIA wedge deep into the heart of the American body politic?!


First the Khazarian-directed Gladio planners purposefully chose the Bible Belt to execute this black op.

Not only that, they selected a Christian school, which was K through 6, to guarantee maximum impact on religious moms and dads across America.

MESSAGE: Not even religious schools are safe anymore from lone nuts who can easily acquire an assault rifle and/or semiautomatic weapon and/or handgun.  In this way the reptiles at the very top of the NWO food chain are attempting to turn even Christians, Conservatives, Libertarians and Patriots against the 2nd Amendment.  Their ultimate goal is to even push gun-owners into a position against universal gun ownership.

The perps especially like targeting Nashville because the Music Industry is headquartered there.  In this way, the “gun control” message gets heard LOUD & CLEAR across America.

KEY POINT: Like all Gladio black ops, this Nashville mass casualty
event via assault weapons was calculated to be a profound assault on
the Second Amendment—“the right of the people to keep and
bear Arms”

But why did the well-concealed planners choose a transgender with an attitude to play the villain?

Because cultural marxism’s primary goal is to generate maximum chaos, confusion and conflict society-wide before the BIG war.

This time-tested divide and rule strategy serves to inflame the tensions between the national Christian community and the nationwide LGBTQIA movement.

Was Nashville’s Covenant school head Katherine Koonce
really the target of a well-planned assassination plot?!

Then, when the animosities are sufficiently intensified, they will roll out the bolsheviks to start the long-planned civil war that the Khazarian Cabal hopes will decimate the American Republic … just like the same perps have been doing in Ukraine since the C.I.A. pulled off their color revolution in Kiev in 2014.

Lastly, at the end of the day, all of these false flag mass shootings with assault rifles are carried out to provide justification for draconian gun laws. See: Deep State Orchestrated a False flag School Shooting to Stop Tennessee Legislation That Would Allow Fewer Gun Restrictions.

BOTTOM LINE: Above all, this extraordinarily naked attack on Christianity was meant to be a brazen provocation.  In so doing, it marked the beginning of the long-planned conflict between the satanic agenda of transhumanism and all of the traditional religion faiths across the USA.  America is being insidiously transformed into an epic battleground between the godless New World Order globalist agenda and the conservative Christian Patriot movement.  Truly, we are all witnessing the last battle of the final war between the forces of light and the forces of darkness.

They’re Just Getting Started…Transgender Militants
Call for Widespread Violence Against Christians

State of the Nation
March 28, 2023

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