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Photos: Controversial Group Behind ‘Trans Day Of Vengeance’ Raised Money For Firearms Training – Activists Pose with Massive Firearms Threatening Christians Ahead of Rally at US Supreme Court

Bruce Hoenshel

Twitter says it has removed thousands of tweets showing a poster promoting a “trans day of vengeance” protest in support of transgender rights in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.

Ella Irwin, Twitter’s head of Trust and Safety, said in a tweet Wednesday that the company automatically removed more than 5,000 tweets and retweets of a poster promoting the event.

“We do not support tweets that incite violence irrespective of who posts them. “Vengeance” does not imply peaceful protest. Organizing or support for peaceful protests is ok,” Irwin wrote in the tweet.

In removing the tweets, Twitter said it used automated processes to do it quickly at a large scale, without considering what context the tweets were shared in. Because of this, both tweets that were critical of and those that supported the protests were removed.

This appeared to anger many conservative Twitter users who said the rules were unfairly applied to them because they were posting the image of the protest flyer to speak out against it.

The Daily Mail reported:

Despite rising political tensions across the country, which saw a press secretary for Arizona Democrat Governor post a Tweet about shooting transphobes, the Trans Radical Activist Network (TRAN) is pushing forward with their protest in DC.

The Virginia chapter of the group held a ‘dance party fundraiser’ in Richmond ‘benefiting firearm/self-defense training for trans-Virginians’ on March 7, before the mass shooting had taken place.

“Come boogie with us and defend trans life!”

But one activist appears to have taken the movement to the next level, posting a picture of a heavily armed person with an assault rifle and threatening to ‘kill christcucks’ – as Twitter removed thousands of posts with flyers for the event.

Twitter has been removing the posts that could be deemed threatening or involve guns associated with the ‘TransDayofVengeance’ hashtag – but it is unclear exactly how many were others posing with weapons as they have since been deleted.

Two other trans activists have since posted footage and photos of themselves with rifles, which appear to be in direct response to the Nashville shooting.

One says that she will use the weapon for ‘protection’ against ‘transphobes’ who target them.

Activists are being encouraged to ‘bring a buddy’ and wear a mask at the event outside of the Supreme Court in DC on April 1, and is billed as avenging a ‘trans genocide.’

Recent images have also emerged showing radical trans activists posing with massive firearms and issuing threats against peaceful Christians. In one photo, a trans activist poses what the left calls “an assault rifle” and threatens to “kill christc**ks.”

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. A Twitter account posted a years-old photo of Alana McLaughlin, an MMA fighter and trans woman, holding a gun and falsely suggesting she used the threatening language. McLaughlin confirmed she didn’t author the post.

THE FACTS: A screenshot of the tweet amassed thousands of shares in the wake of Monday’s mass shooting at a private school in Nashville, where police have said the shooter was transgender.

The tweet shows McLaughlin with pink hair and a pink shirt, holding an AR-15 style gun and wearing a Glock-19 pistol with an expanded magazine on her waist, with a pink, blue and white transgender pride flag in the background.

The caption appears to advocate for violence against Christians, including the verbs “kill,” “behead,” “roundhouse,” “slam dunk,” “crucify,” “defecate in” and “launch.”

McLaughlin, who lives in Oregon, confirmed she didn’t author the post and was not aware of where this event was taking place or planning to attend.

There is no evidence the Twitter account that originally posted the violent tweet, which was later suspended from the platform, has any ties to the planned event. The event website on Wednesday featured language clarifying that it was “about unity, not inciting violence.”

That photo might have been faked but there are plenty of photos out there that call for violence against Christians and show Trans activist with massive guns:

Bo Belotti, the national recruitment director, is a ‘trans masculine non-binary person’ and helped the Virginia chapter of the group to raise money to go on guns and self-defence:

Websites such as Etsy are still being used to sell pro-gun and trans merchandise, with stickers that say ‘defend equality’ with assault rifles on as well as t-shirts and other items emblazoned with ‘Trans rights¿ or else’

Kayla Denker, who is believed to be a former soldier, posted a video online after the Nashville school shooting on Monday. The shooting was carried out by a transgender person
Video below:

Denker does not say anything in the TikTok, but reloads her assault rifle multiple times, staring at the camera.

The clip is captioned: ‘While advocating just for trans people to ‘arm ourselves’ is not any kind of solution to the genocide we are facing, I do want to say that if you transphobes do try to come for me…’

The conclusion of her comment was cut short in the images being shared online.

Denker has since made most of her social media accounts private.

One account that remains open to the public is her YouTube page, which she launched in 2016.

Her first video, posted four years ago, was a 10-minute clip entitled ‘The Reclamation of Communism’.

She then uploaded an eight-part series on Marxism, plus three parts of a BBC documentary about the German philosopher.

They held a “dance party fundraiser” in Richmond ostensibly for self-defense training on March 7, before the school shooting happened.

So the mainstream media says that they are not calling for violence!



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