VICTORY IN HAWAII — Stop 5G Resolution Passes

County Council Passes Resolution to Stop 5G
Dear Friend,

Despite telecom industry pushback, including a formal submission by the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA)the Hawaii County Council, which represents the entire Big Island of Hawaii and over 200,000 residents, overwhelmingly passed a resolution calling for wireless companies to halt 5G deployments due to health and environmental risks.

Only one council member, Tim Richards, voted against the resolution, saying that it didn’t go far enough and that the County should investigate scrapping all cellular infrastructure on the island and invest in a safe fiber optic network instead.

The resolution that was passed is based on our sample 5G resolution which you can access via the 5G Action Toolkit here.

Congratulations to the 5G action group in Hawaii for facilitating this great win and the hundreds of residents who submitted testimony in support of the resolution. (Click the yellow folders titled “July 7, 2020 Public Testimony” here to review some of the testimonials submitted.)

View the Passed Resolution Here
Access Our Sample “Stop 5G” Resolution Here
Why is it so important for your community to adopt a resolution opposing 5G installations? Here are three reasons…

1. It increases public awareness of 5G and its inherent risks.

2. It encourages neighboring communities to take action.

3. It addresses the science-based health issues associated with exposure to wireless radiation and the 5G rollout.
Please download and send our sample 5G resolution to your local officials (mayor, town board members, etc.) today and encourage them to take action. The time to act on 5G is now!
This is how we make progress. Thanks for all you do.

-The 5G Crisis Team


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