MORE BIDENgate: The Cover-up of the True Cause of Neilia Biden’s Death


Biden repeatedly stated at campaign rallies that Curtis C. Dunn, the truck driver involved in wife Neilia Hunter Biden’s fatal automobile accident – who saved 2 of his children, and tried to save his wife and daughter Naomi (1971-1972), was driving while intoxicated (DWI).

Initially, it was believed he said this to elicit sympathy, but an investigation revealed he did it to deflect suspicion from his wife being the one who was DWI.

Most of Joe’s lies were harmless – “I was arrested trying to visit Nelson Mandela,” “I participated in sit-ins” but this one was downright evil, labeling an innocent man, who overturned his rig and tried to save his family, a “baby killer.”

If not for a cover-up by the Delaware’s attorney general’s office, Biden would have been a one-term Senator.

Biden asked a close Irish friend and neighbor, Chief Deputy Delaware Attorney General JEROME O. HERLIHY, cover up the mess and save his political career.

O. HERLIHY destroyed Delaware State records, which indicated Neilia was intoxicated such as a post mortem toxicology test or made sure one was never performed on Neilia’s corpse.

Politico reported the Delaware State Police file was also destroyed. O. HERLIHY never kept a personal copy of the file despite its historical significance.

These missing documents and O. HERLIHY playing dumb, along with the fact that the Delaware State’s Attorney General’s office, which the Biden family influenced, ran the investigation rather then the Delaware State Police, are the most compelling evidence of a cover-up.


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