Here’s a great strategy to drive more Trump voters to the poll booth.


Sent via White House comment line and via email from four surrogates:

At you will find an open letter that outlines how President Trump can get a 10% or better bump on Election Day if he asks you to arrange a debate with the Constitution, Green, and Libertarian Party candidates on 29 October, with Dr. Cynthia McKinney as the moderator, ideally in Georgia.

I have put complete details at the top of and also sent Fedex to your NY address, and  to the White House. Because your mail is intercepted by enemies of the President, I am calling to give you those tracking numbers: 398239071451 to New York and 398239218170 to the White House.


STEP 1: Propose to the President that he debate the three third-party candidates on 29 October, ideally in the CNN Atrium in Atlanta, Georgia where the murder of Herman McCain makes both an appearance and respect for Dr. Cynthia McKinney even more vital.  If he cannot afford the travel time, do it at the White House — 90 minutes = 10% bump if not better on Election Day.

I am FIRING @debates and do special with @LWV @CNN Atlanta 29 Oct with @LPNational @GreenPartyUS @cnstitutionprty moderator @cynthiamckinney


STEP 2: Meet with the League of Women Voters, from whom the presidential debates were stolen precisely because they were inviting third party candidates and would not provide questions in advance, and devise a joint press release — you need to manage this time-sensitive event, but this positions you to be a leading figure with them going forward. You manage this one event, they manage debates again after this one.

STEP 3: Schedule the event and ensure the three third-party candidates  receive both red carpet treatment including presidential-level transportation to and from, and that #UNRIG Electoral Reform Act is on  the table for November 2020 in  time to impact on special elections in 2021 as well as normal elections in 2022 and beyond. This positions you as the champion of democracy who has taken the initiative to respect Independents and third-parties. You could even invite the Sandernistas (Cynthia McKinney talks to their populist leaders who have all rejected Bernie Sanders going forward) and invite questions for the debate from them.

STEP 4: Post the free version of the document on  the White House server along with a public survey that will inform you and the President of how people react to each of the twelve specific election reforms, while harvesting public suggestions for additional measures. Our humble website could not handle the load.


2020 UNRIG Guide 1.2

The deal is simple: IF President Trump brings this legislation to fruition such that Independents, Libertarians, #WalkAways, and others can achieve proportional representation in Congress in 2022, ending the centuries of two-party tyranny fronting for the Deep State, THEN Independents and Libertarians and others should give our President the Mother of All Landslides.


This text, and the link to the free document, are at

This is the ONE THING none of you are considering that could give you a last minute bump toward the Mother of All Landslides.

How we win matters.  To win without having paid respect to the third-party presidential candidates is in my view a huge oversight and an unnecessary slights to the 70% of the voters now disenfranchised by the two-party  tyranny.

Very respectfully,


Robert David Steele



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