Giuliani Slams Media, FBI Cover-Up on Biden’s Business, ‘Crimes’

President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani came out swinging Monday night, claiming a media and FBI cover-up of what he called Biden family crimes.

Appearing on Newsmax TV‘s “Greg Kelly Reports,” Giuliani ripped claims by Joe Biden that he has never talked about business with his son, Hunter.

Biden, the former vice president now challenging Trump for the presidency, emphatically repeated the claim at last Thursday’s presidential debate.

“But there are a series of five text messages that show he had a meeting with this man, and the man thanked Hunter for the meeting,” Giuliani said.

Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Hunter Biden’s, last week confirmed he is one of the people mentioned in the emails.

Bobulinski held a press conference last week saying there were numerous conversations between Joe and Hunter Biden about Hunter’s foreign business interactions.

“So that’s now almost in another category now of provable lie, both by the text messages and the CEO’s testimony,” Giuliani told Kelly.

One email, Giuliani said, shows Joe Biden and his family were involved in an influence-peddling transaction involving Chinese communists looking to gain access and “introductions” to U.S. government officials.

Joe Biden, he said, used multiple members of his family as “bag men” — not just Hunter, but also his brother Jim Biden and sister-in-law Sara Biden.

Giuliani also hit the mainstream media for not reporting on the purported evidence and documents that have surfaced.

“Jake Tapper yesterday, it looked like he was having a nervous breakdown,” Giuliani said. “He’s obviously way too emotionally invested in this”

Giuliani said the FBI had not acted properly, noting it had Hunter Biden’s laptop for months and has not taken definitive action even though it clearly shows overseas business activity by Joe Biden, while he was vice president.

“I don’t know if they’re crooked, or they’re ‘Trump-derangement’ people or subversive Democrats; whatever they are, they’ve had this for eight or nine months,” said Giuliani, the longtime prosecutor and former New York City mayor.


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