Meet the WEF Graduates Advancing a World Coup d’etat

Recognize the true name and nature of our opponents

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Who are globalist members of the trade organization known as The World Economic Forum (WEF) and operatives they trained?

Why should we care, and what can we do about it? 

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I opened each excel spread sheet link, copied and pasted names to illustrate the breadth and depth of World Economic Forum infiltration world wide.

I encourage you to open the links to see who stands out for you b/c whether WEF graduates realize it or not, they are advancing a tyrannical world coup d’état that only a majority of informed, caring individuals aligned on purpose can stop.

Desmarais Paul, Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer Power Corporation of Canada


Blair Tony UN Middle East Quartet Representative
Bono Lead singer of U2 and Co-Founder, ONE campaign
Branson Richard Founder and Chairman Virgin Group Ltd
Bronfman Edgar Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Warner Music Group
Dlouhy Vladimir International Adviser Goldman Sachs International
c. Gates William H. Co-Chair Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Stephanopoulos George Correspondent (CSN) ABC News
Summers Lawrence H. Charles W. Eliot University Professor Harvard University
Taylor Martin Chairman of the Board of Directors Syngenta International AG
Thomson David Roy Chairman of the Board The Thomson Reuters corporation
Thornton John L. Chairman of the Board The Brookings Institution

Ballmer Steven Anthony Chief Executive Officer Microsoft Corporation
Barcena Ibarra Alicia Executive Secretary United Nations Economic
Björkman Nils Executive Vice-President Commercial Operations and Tetra Pak International SA
Douste-Blazy Philippe Undersecretary-General for Innovative Financing for United Nations
Ford William Clay Executive Chairman Ford Motor Company
Friedman Thomas L. Columnist, Foreign Affairs The New York Time
Jenkins Kevin J. and Youth Affairs of Indonesia President and CEO World Vision International
Krugman Paul Professor of Economics Princeton University
Richardson Hartley T. Chairman Canadian Council of Chief
Vasiliev Dmitry V. Executive Director The Institute of Corporate Law

Demel Herbert President, Magna China, India, South East Asia, South America Magna International Inc.
Hampton Philip Chairman Royal Bank of Scotland Group
Korotkov Peter A. President Construction Co. Ltd RUSSIAN NATIONAL COMMERCIAL
Thompson David W. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Orbital Sciences Corp

Doerken Uwe Managing Director DHL Worldwide Network NV/SA
Khemka Shiv V. Vice-Chairman SUN Group
Maes Pattie Assistant Professor Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Schmidt Eric Executive Chairman Google Inc
Slatkin Nora R. Programme Manager Citi

Jung Andrea Chairman and Chief Executive Investments Officer Avon Products Inc
Lee Hwa-Kyung Vice-President Orion Corporation
Sternlicht Barry S. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Starwood Capital Group

Bannister Matthew Radio Presenter, Radio 5 Live BBC World News
Bayar Ugur Managing Director, Head of Investment Banking Credit Suisse
Ebtekar Masoumeh President (ODA) Center for Peace
Livermore Ann Executive Vice-President, Technology Solutions Group Hewlett-Packard Company
Noda Seiko Member of the House of Representatives

Cain Steven Co-Founder Goingreen
Holmes Deborah K. Global Corporate Responsibility Leader Ernst & Young
Lederhausen Mats Managing Director, McDonald’s Ventures McDonald’s Corporation
Meacham Jon Managing Editor Newsweek
Oz Mehmet C. Professor of Surgery and Vice[1]Chairman, Cardiovascular Services New York Presbyterian Hospital
Péladeau Pierre Karl President and Chief Executive Officer Quebecor Inc.

Baggio Rodrigo Executive Director Center for Digital Inclusion (CDI)
González Estrada Tomás Research Fellow University of London
Hidary Jack D. Global EV Leader Hertz Global Holding Inc.
Nanda Nikhil Joint Managing Director The Escorts Group
Rui Chenggang Director and Anchor China Central Television (CCTV)
Tenberken Sabriye Programme Coordinator Braille without Borders
Zakaria Fareed Anchor, Fareed Zakaria – GPS CNN

Cosgrove Clayton Member of Parliament Parliament of New Zealand
Forsyth Justin President, Save the Children UK Save the Children International
Directions Estee Lauder Companies Inc
Liu Eric Founder and Director (Riksdag) How We Teach Initiative
Mills Heather Founder Heather Mills McCartney
Monroy Marco G. President and Chief Executive Officer MGM International Ltd

Lance Armstrong Athlete/Bicyclist
Capital Sports and Entertainment USA
H.R.H. Prince Frederik Prince of Denmark Office of H.M. the Queen of Denmark

Barry Appleton, Managing Partner at Appleton and Associates International Lawyers,

Alexander Christopher Embassy of Canada to Afghanistan
Manji Irshad Project Ijtihad Founder and President Canada Toronto 30.07.1968
Akhavan Payam McGill University Senior Fellow Canada Montreal 11.04.1966 Anestis Matthew The Boston Consulting Group Inc. Project Leader/Consultant Canada Toronto 27.09.1972

Canada Geoff MacDonald Chief Investment Officer EdgePoint Capital
Canada Susan L. Tighe Associate Professor of Engineering University of Waterloo
Canada Salimah Ebrahim Journalist, Environmentalist, Producer
Canada Ronit Avni Director, Producer Just Vision
Canada Samantha Nutt Founder and Executive Director War Child Canada
Tiger Woods Founder Tiger Woods Foundation
Caroline Boudreaux Founder and Executive Director The Miracle Foundation
Lisa Huddleson Corporate Foundation Executive Director Dell Inc. Foundation
Chad Hurley Co-Founder and CEO Officer YouTube
Josh Silverman CEO Officer Skype Technologies
Michele Wucker Executive Director World Policy Institute
Mark Zuckerberg Founder and Chief Executive Officer Facebook
Kevin Rose Founder Digg North America USA
Aleh Tsyvinski Professor Yale University
Priya Haji CEO World of Good North America USA
Ebrahim “Eboo” Patel Executive Director Interfaith Youth Core North America USA Premal Shah President

Australia Ian Thorpe Founder Fountain for Youth
Hong Kong SAR James Law Chairman and Chief Cybertect
Nagamine Head of Office International Committee of the Red Cross (IRC)
People’s Republic of China Chen Lu Assistant Professor, Neuroscience, Molecular and Cell Biology University of California, Berkeley
India Manisha Girotra Managing Director and Chairperson UBS Securities (India) India Sanjeev Sanyal Founder and Managing Trustee Sustainable Planet Institute
Germany Dirk Hoke Chief Executive Officer, Cluster Africa Siemens
Germany Moritz Lehmkuhl Chief Executive Officer Climate Partners
United Kingdom Shauneen Lambe Founder Justice for Kids
UAE Nabil Alyousuf Vice-Chairman Board of Trustees Dubai School of Government
Liberia Kimmie Weeks Founder and Executive Director Youth Action International
South Africa Lewis Gordon Pugh Founder Polar Defence Project
Uganda Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka CEO Conservation through Public Health

Canada Scott Gilmore Executive Director Peace Dividend Trust
Canada Zoe Keating Cellist and Composer
Canada Naheed Nenshi Mayor Calgary, Canada
USA Niko Canner Senior Vice-President Booz & Company
USA Daniel Cruise Vice-President and Officer Alcoa Inc.
USA Amy Finkelstein Professor of Economics Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA Harold E. Ford Jr Chairman Democratic Leadership Council
USA Ellen Gonda Senior Vice-President, Global Corporate Communications Hilton Worldwide
USA Jayme Martin Global Vice-President, Nike Running Nike Inc
Courtney O’Donnell Director of Communications Office of the Vice-President of the United States
USA Dana Perino Political Commentator Fox News
USA April Rinne Director, WaterCredit
USA Dan Senor Adjunct Senior Fellow Council on Foreign Relations

Canada Kaliya Hamlin Executive Director Personal Data Ecosystem
Canada George Stroumboulopoulos Broadcaster Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Canada Tim Wu Senior Advisor Federal Trade Commission

USA Cesar Conde President Univision Networks
USA Joshua DuBois Executive Director White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships
USA Suzanne Ehlers President and Chief Executive Officer Population Action International
USA Valerie Keller Chief Executive Officer Veritas
USA Kristin Groos Richmond Co-Founder and CEO Revolution Foods
USA Lara Setrakian Correspondent ABC News-Bloomberg Television
USA Ian Solomon United States Executive Director The World Bank USA Rachel Sterne Chief Digital Officer City of New York
USA JB Straubel Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer Tesla Motors
USA Jeff Zeleny White House Correspondent New York Times

Shauna Robertson Founder CrowdRise
Canada Renée Maria Tremblay Visiting Professional International Criminal Court
Canada William Adams Founder I.Am.Angel Foundation

USA Miranda A. Ballentine Director of Sustainability Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
Chelsea Clinton Board Member Clinton Foundation
USA Brian Deese Deputy Director National Economic Council (NEC) USA
Chris Hughes Editor-In-Chief The New Republic USA
Jamie Morin Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary United States Air Force
David Rhodes President CBS News US
Nick Talwar Head of North America Credit and Global Card Benefits Visa Inc. USA
Mark Vlasic Senior Fellow and Adjunct Professor of Law Georgetown University USA
Anne Wojcicki Co-Founder 23andMe Inc.
USA Randi Zuckerberg Founder and Chief Executive Officer Zuckerberg Media USA

Dominique Anglade President and CEO Montreal International
Canada Ailish Campbell Vice-President, Policy, International and Fiscal Issues Canadian Council of Chief Executives
Canada James Moore Minister of Industry Industry Canada
Canada Shahrzad Rafati Founder and Chief Executive Officer BroadbandTV Corp Canada Nolan Watson Chairman, CEO and President Sandstorm Gold Ltd. & Sandstorm Metals & Energy Ltd
Canada Michelle Zatlyn Co-Founder and Director CloudFlare Canada
Daniella Ballou-Aares Senior Adviser for Development US Department of State USA
David Berry Partner Flagship Ventures USA
Devry Boughner Vorwerk Director, International Business Relations Cargill Inc. USA
David Karp Founder and CEO Tumblr USA
Kavita Patel Fellow and Managing Director, Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform The Brookings Institution USA
Julissa Reynoso US Ambassador US Embassy USA
Sara Sutton Fell CEO and Founder USA
Rebecca Weintraub Faculty Director Global Health Delivery Project at Harvard University USA
Laurie Zephyrin National Director of Reproductive Health US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) USA
Heather Zichal Deputy Assistant to President Barack Obama for Energy and Climate Change USA

Melanie Joly (f), Minister for Canadian Heritage in Canada’s new government, headed by Justin Trudeau.
Han Yu (m), a world-class researcher in artificial intelligence who co-founded Taiwanese start-up Appier. He was on the Stanford University team that developed the winner of the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge which laid the foundations for Google’s self-driving car.
Amal Clooney (f), a barrister who specialises in international criminal law and human rights. She has represented governments, advised the UN’s Kofi Annan on Syria, been appointed to international human rights investigations and conflict-resolution panels, and defended high-profile clients before international courts.
Ashton Kutcher (m), the actor and emerging tech investor who launched an innovation lab to fight child sexual exploitation.
Emmanuel Macron (m), France’s Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs.
Previous YGL nominees include: David Cameron, Prime Minister of the UK
Larry Page, Co-Founder and CEO, Google, USA
Matteo Renzi, Prime Minister of Italy
Naoko Yamazaki, astronaut and mission specialist on the crew of STS-131 Discovery

Maggie MacDonnell (F) is the teacher from Ikusik School, one of the most northern communities in Canada, who won the Global Teacher Prize 2017.
Catherine Raw (F) is Chief Financial Officer at Barrick Gold Corporation, Canada, one of the largest investors in mining.
Jagmeet Singh (M) is a Member of Ontario Provincial Parliament and leader of the New Democratic Party, Canada.
Alexander Soros (M) is Owner of Soros Fund Management, USA. He founded the Alexander Soros Foundation, promoting civil rights, social justice and education through grants. He is also Deputy Chair of the Open Society Foundations, which supports civil society groups around the world.
Leana Wen (F) emergency physician taking on Baltimore’s health crises as the city’s Commissioner of Health.

Jessica Burgner-Kahrs Associate Professor, University of Toronto, Canada
Jean-François Gagné
VP AI, Canada
Maya Roy
Vice President of Equity and Impact, Institute for Change Leaders, Canada

Pete Buttigieg Secretary of Transportation, US Department of Transportation, USA
Cyrus Habib Priest, Society of Jesus (Jesuits), USA
Daria Kaleniuk Executive Director, Anti-Corruption Action Centre, Ukraine
Andrew Serazin President, Templeton World Charity Foundation, Inc., Bahamas Yuan Jiakai Vice-President and Chief Representative, China, United Way Worldwide, People’s Republic of China
Longmei Zhang Deputy Resident Representative for China, International Monetary Fund USA

David de Rothschild
Tony Abrahams Co-Founder and CEO Officer, Ai-Media, Canada
+ 102 pages I did not research
In 2017 Klaus Schwab claimed Vladimir Putin was a member of the program,[7]. This is not confirmed from other sources. In January 2021, Putin presented a keynote address at the World Economic Forum,where he recalled how he first met Schwab in 1992 and since then had regularly attended events organised by the WEF.[9][10]

Klaus Schwab brags about penetrating government cabinets with young global leaders. As printed on page 188 of The Great Reset book “Build Back Better” they are all, literally, on the same page. This is not a conspiracy ‘theory’, it’s a conspiracy that all of us can no longer deny, ignore and allow to proceed.


WEF Young Global Leaders, Extensive List by Categories

Neither the WEF nor the YGL websites currently publish full lists from earlier than 2016. In the link below, names are grouped (see the Table of Contents) and within the groups are sorted by country in some instances and by company or association in others or just by name. All names are only listed once in spite of many résumés fitting into multiple categories global leaders.pdf?msclkid=9ee325fdd12c11ecb02c481d0f3d3450

Witness the colossal ‘force’ behind a world coup d’etat


Proof of vaccination now required for all in-person sessions for teachers and guests over 12 years of age. Please arrive with your ID and provincial app or government-issued print-out.

1976 H1N1: 25 deaths were too many

The European (EEA and non-EEA countries) database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, verified by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

WEF grad Bill Gates re Covid-19 “It’s kinda like the flu”

May 2022
“We didn’t understand that it’s a fairly low fatality rate and that it’s a disease mainly in the elderly, kind of like flu is, although a bit different than that.” Bill Gates.

All cause mortality is the sum of all deaths from all causes in a given time period.

All cause mortality 2017 through 2021 in North America remained unchanged. In other words, THERE WAS NO SARS-COV-2 PANDEMIC!

The more the truth is known the more desperate globalists become so do your part to spread the truth to set us free and begin anew. TY!


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