The ever-exploding Meghan & Harry mega-melodrama is all about one thing, AND ONE THING ONLY……………….

… maintaining the appearance of ‘purity’ of the royal British bloodline.  Because Prince Harry is well-known throughout the royal family to be the bastard son of Princess Diana and her not-so-secret paramour Major James Hewitt … and Meghan Markle is at least 43 per cent Nigerian black as well as a native-born American divorcée, the well-concealed masters of the House of Windsor quite deliberately set up this never-ending global drama and sibling rivalry.  In this way, the royal handlers intend to forever kill any and all chances of Harry becoming king.  And, it’s quite likely that none of the royals involved in this sordid affair have been informed of this highly manipulated scheme, although some have probably figured it out by now. 

Submitted by The Royal Watchers
State of the Nation
December 7, 2022

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