OPERATION BABY BOOMER: The Khazarian Con of the 20th Century

(Updated 4/22/23)

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(Excerpted from a soon-to-be-published eBook titled OPERATION BABY BOOMER)


A true story that’s really the story of every Baby Boomer

I knew I was born into a real power family when it became apparent that both of my parents were well aware of the plots to assassinate JFK, MLK and RFK before those US government-directed murders ever took place.  They also had foreknowledge of the state-sponsored assassinations of Marilyn Monroe and Malcolm X. 

However, my parents never knew that I knew these things about them.  Until my father recently passed, I kept this information and a lot of other radioactive info that I ‘acquired’ about them completely to myself.  After all, given all the CRAZY things that happened in my family as I was growing up, keeping certain secrets became a matter of life and death. 

After a lifelong investigation of my father, I came to find out that he was an undercover FBI agent, that he belonged to the Office of Naval Intelligence during World War II, and that he was both a Knight of Columbus and Knight of Malta.  Most significantly, my father was a high-ranking Freemason, operating at a level well above the 33rd degree.

I also quite serendipitously found out that dad belonged to 4 or 5 other secret societies that are so secret their names appear no where on the Internet.  I never knew anyone who kept secrets quite like my father did, and it was also this lifelong proclivity that drew my suspicions from my earliest ages.

Dad’s extremely well-hidden “professional” relationship that he had with his brother, my godfather, is what really gave away the whole plot where it concerned their highly manipulative plan for me.  Fabricating and faking rocky relationships is, after all, a tactic often used by the intelligence agencies to accomplish the most delicate of missions, especially the types covertly carried out by my recently deceased uncle, who was known to me as “The Druggist”.  (Which is why this Intro is being posted only now.)  

But perhaps it was dad’s biggest secret of all that ultimately exposed this “Greatest Psyop of the 20th Century” to me and me alone.  How can anyone, who has painstakingly cultivated the reputation for being more Catholic than the pope — LITERALLY — ever keep his fidelity to Freemasonry, his Talmudic roots and his patently Pharisaical MO concealed?  In fact, everything points to ole dad being a crypto-Jewish operative in Catholic garb who was on the same fanatical mission every day of his lifetime. 

As for my extremely street-smart mother, she was recruited to the C.I.A. in the late 1940s not long after it was established.  Given her immediate family history and unique Roman ancestry, she was undoubtedly the perfect CIA agent to carry out her several ultra-secret assignments in the power city where she lived most of her life.  

After doing more precarious research on my mother, I came to find out why she was so intimately involved in the workings of the Sicilian Mafia in our hometown.  I also came to understand her deep connections (read: ancestral) to the Northern Italian Black Nobility.  This is really why so many complex conspiratorial plots thickened as they always did when I was watching them unfold back in the day.

Now here’s where the reader must understand a crucial aspect of my childhood as a Baby Boomer growing up in the late 1950s and 60s.  My mother often talked, freely and factually, about the Cosa Nostra and the Vatican (read: Roman Catholic Church) being two of the most powerful institutions in the world.  But, she was also cognizant of the reality that they were both completely owned and operated by a much wealthier and more powerful earthly entity.  Truly, there was not a kid in the USA who learned what I did from what my mother deliberately imparted and what my father conspicuously kept hidden.  

One last point about my mother: throughout the several life-threatening predicaments and many perilous endeavors in which I found myself, she worked triple time to protect me.  I’m only alive today to write this essay because of her abiding protection.  And, of course, by the grace of GOD.

One last significant point about both of my parents: no one, but no one, knew how to work “the System” like my mother and father did.   But not because they belonged to it as virtually all of their peers within ‘The Greatest Generation’ did; rather, because they were THE SYSTEM.


The Greatest PSYOP of the Last 100+ Years… …
Which Determined the Fate of the World Today

With that personal background information presented, what is about to be disclosed has never been revealed in human history.  Arguably, the quite extraordinary narrative that follows is the biggest tell of the last century.  And, it’s even bigger today and going forward because the entire Baby Boom Generation still walks around shellshocked, mostly unaware of the extremely intense, multi-decade psychological operation of which they were the target.

“Shellshocked” from the non-stop psychological warfare that was quite stealthily waged under the radar during those epic “Generation Gap” years.  “Shellshocked” from “a withering war on consciousness” that began immediately after World War II ended when our shellshocked fathers returned home to their frazzled wives and future Baby Boomer children.

Historical Context & Relevant Timeline

If this deliberately obscured and obfuscated narrative is to be properly understood, then the true historical context and most relevant timeline must be clearly delineated.

The following historic events, their dates and their obvious impacts are briefly outlined below to give the reader necessary perspective, as well as a new lens through which to view this novel psychohistorical analysis.

OPERATION BABY BOOMER was actually launched well before the generally accepted year of 1946 when the Baby Boomers were first born after World War II ended.

In light of the new understanding imparted by this exposé, it could be stated that 1913 was the year when this covert operation actually started in earnest.  For it was on December 23, 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was unconstitutionally passed by the 63rd United States Congress and signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson.  Truly, this is a day that will live in infamy for many reasons that will be explained below.

Immediately following the establishment of the Federal Reserve System throughout the United States of America, a rapid series of carefully engineered and meticulously timed cataclysmic events took place around the globe.  Each of these global catastrophes only took place because the covertly operating Khazarian Cabal took full control of both the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve Bank.  In so doing, they made available to themselves unlimited funding to carry out the highly organized genocides listed below.

For example, World War I was triggered within months in mid-1914, and for reasons that historians still don’t fully understand and/or cannot agree on.  The Khazarian Cabal made sure of its obfuscation for several reasons, all of which are quite important to the successful implementation of their world takeover schemes.

The Armenian genocide was carried out with precision throughout the Ottoman Empire especially from 1915 through 1917.  It was yet another case of the Khazarians killing Christians with explicit intentional designs.

The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 followed by the Russian Civil War were both manufactured by the very same Khazarian warmongers in order to transform Christian Russia into the communist (and godless) Soviet Union, as well as to commit genocide against Christians across the largest nation on Earth.

The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic was then rolled out in short order by the bioterrorist arm of the Khazarian Cabal, again with great purpose (i.e. genocide) and calculation (genome manipulation).  The U.S. military-administered vaccination programs, which were directly responsible for that most deadly pandemic of the modern age, represented a long planned biowar using genome-targeting biological weapons against the American people.  While those lethal bioweapons were also aimed at the genomes of other national populations around the world, it was the DNA of the future Baby Boomers which was really being targeted via their parents’ genetic blueprints.

Fast forward to the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and the subsequent Great Depression, both of which were purposefully engineered by the Khazarian Cabal to soften up The Greatest Generation who would become the parents of the Baby Boomers.

Whereas the preceding wars, genocides and pandemics served to generate an unparalleled degree of chaos, confusion and conflict worldwide, the Great Depression was a highly premeditated financial breakdown and economic collapse that would only add immensely to that resulting personal insecurity of and national instability for The Greatest Generation.

However, what that global economic collapse really did was to significantly and indelibly impact the overall mindset of The Greatest Generation.  The Great Depression shaped their philosophy of life, their value systems, their ideals and principles, and especially the practical running of their lives and future families.

Next came the extremely well planned and apocalyptic World War II.  That civilization-altering event is where the Khazarian Cabal was more calculating than ever to produce a set of specific outcomes.  For it was the shellshocked American soldiers, who would come back home to their young wives and fiancées, who were tasked with the rebuilding American society according to the Khazarian’s master plan.

The execution of that master plan would be hugely amped up post WW2 with the establishment of the Central Intelligence Agency in 1947 as well as the many other nascent institutions which would comprise the emerging National Security State.  With the opening of the C.I.A., the Khazarians possessed the most advanced and sophisticated spying and surveillance apparatus the world had ever known.  But it was the upcoming Baby Boomer Generation which was the true subject of that intelligence-gathering apparatus.

Growing up in an Italian Black Nobility family was like living in a modern-day Spanish Inquisition.  Then, when I became of age, I graduated to a full-blown internecine war within the Medici Banking Family (the House of Medici put at least 4 popes on the papal throne).  Through it all, I was blessed with the precocious awareness that there was a tremendous power or pressure or force operating in the background which made my parents absolutely crazy, each in their own way.   

My earliest observations about how the world was really run came down, to a great extent, to my immature impressions of the CIA as a child.   However, seeing how my parents, although exerting firm control over virtually everything all the time, seemed to know monumental things before they even happened, I knew intuitively that there was an all-seeing eye watching all of US 24/7…including them.  And, that that all-seeing eye put even them under intensive monitoring and extreme scrutiny.   

The key point here is that the United States of America effectively became a full-scale police state not too long after many of Germany’s Nazi regime leaders, generals, scientists and doctors were brought here via Operation Overcast (1945) followed by Operation Paperclip (1946).   In fact, the CIA’s main mission was to lock down America much as Nazi Germany was locked down by Hitler’s Gestapo and SS.  Only the mandate they were given for post-WW2 USA was to lock down the whole place without a single soul knowing about it.  And so they did.

This specific “National Security State” development, which transpired right along with the birth of the earliest Baby Boomers, is by far the single most important where it concerns OPERATION BABY BOOMER.  For the Khazarian Cabal was quickly successful at creating a pervasive and profound network of police state structures nationwide that were watching everyone, everywhere in all 50 states, all the time … and no one knew it except operatives at the very top like my parents.

My first vacation as a young adult, which I took alone, was a dead giveaway.  First, I got on the plane en route to a Club Med in the Bahamas and the passenger sitting next to me was an FBI agent wearing his gun.  Then, when I got to the Club Med and was assigned my bungalow, I found out my bungalow mate was the same FBI agent who kept his firearm quite prominently displayed on a table in the center of the room.  All courtesy of my undercover FBI father—the super control freak!

What’s really being underscored by this personal experience is that all of Baby Boomers were watched like a hawk throughout our entire lifetimes.  As a matter of fact, the first time I watched The Truman Show I realized instantly that that was my life, too.  It took me a little longer to see that it was all of our lives, as it is today from cradle to grave.

By the way we are talking about a police state regime with the power to exert such a degree of spying and surveillance, monitoring and examining which has NEVER existed in human history.  Let that sink in.  Then consider just how easily that extraordinary power can be wantonly used, abused and misused, YES?!  Never before those Generation Gap years has there been a more egregious example of how “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. 

But how were our TGG parents so easily cowed into routinely abusing their children in service to the state?  More importantly, why was The Greatest Generation enlisted to take down the Baby Boomers and keep them down?  And, above all, exactly who did the enlisting?  These are the critical questions that no one has asked over the intervening decades … … … because of how stealthy and shrewd the Khazarians have been in the meticulous execution of their main implementation plan of the 20th century—OPERATION BABY BOOMER.

Although it’s entirely true, it doesn’t get more controversial than the following self-evident  statement:

“The primary reason why The Greatest Generation was the greatest is because they were the parents of the Baby Boomers.”

— Revisionist Historians for World Peace

How’s that for a friggin’ mindblower?!

What that really means, according to this essayist, is that the Baby Boomers were — BY FAR — the greatest generation of the past several millennia.  Which means that the Baby Boomers were much greater — but in the ways that really matter — than The Greatest Generation.

Here’s just one example that illustrates their greatness.

The Baby Boomers, together with their Beatnik older brothers and sisters, shut down the Vietnam War.  That never happened before—EVER!

Again, working closely together, the Beat Generation inspired the Baby Boomers to terminate the first corporate war in world history.

Mind you, a popular movement, which in this case manifested as both the hippie-driven “Peace Movement” and Beatnik-inspired “Anti-War Protests”, had never stopped a war before—any war.

As a matter of historical fact, popular movements of this type had never even formed before.  Down through the centuries of so much war, especially throughout Western Civilization, such a war protesting phenomenon has never occurred.

Perhaps the single greatest feat of the Twentieth Century is this: That the Baby Boomers, in close collaboration with the Beatniks, threw the largest wrench ever into the Khazarian Cabal‘s war-making juggernaut during the 1960s and 70s bringing it to a screeching halt on April 30, 1975.

“The fall of Saigon, also known as the Liberation of Saigon or Liberation of the South by the Vietnamese government took place on April 30, 1975.”

Now the reader understands why the notorious Generation Gap quickly morphed into a generation chasm or canyon during those same years.

FLASHBACK: The folks who populated The Greatest Generation (TGG) were born under a completely different sky than the Baby Boomers and Beat Generation.  As such, their astrological blueprints were quite different and often diametrically opposed to each other  The individual and collective destinies of TGG were greatly influenced by the Great Depression and World War II.  Because of FDR’s life-saving New Deal and the various post-WW2 entitlement programs, TGG people came to revere the government that saved them.  Not only that, but they developed an inordinate respect and deep gratitude for THE SYSTEM.  This unprecedented societal dynamic and subsequent codependent relationship was painstakingly pre-planned and ushered along by the ever-manipulative Khazarian Cabal.  In this way, TGG parents could be used to keep their ‘ungrateful’ Baby Boomer children under their thumb, which they tried to do with a vengeance.

The bottom line of this pivotal intergenerational dynamic is that TGG, although completely unaware of it, was tasked by their hidden Khazarian overlords to prevent the Baby Boomers from ever leaving the reservation.

Exactly what reservation?

These reservations:

The reservation of political correctness.

The reservation of social propriety.

The reservation of corporate compliance.

The reservation of college education pursuit.

The reservation of mainstream media.

The reservation of Hollywood movies and TV programming.

The reservation of blind familial loyalty and ancestral fealty.

And, especially, the reservation known as the consumer society.

But most importantly, the reservation of churchianity.

By all means, TGG parents were tasked with the ‘solemn’ Khazarian-dictated responsibility of keeping their Boomer children within the fold of the faithful, never to leave the very mind-controlling religious reservations into which they were born.  Conversely, they would discourage their Baby Boomer children from acting on their much more profound spiritual impulses which put them on their own unique paths back to the Godhead.

Toward that end, TGG parents were enlisted to carry out the greatest mind control programming and social engineering operation in world history.  For only in this manner could the Baby Boomers be prevented from leaving those respective reservations to create a whole new world of peace and prosperity for all.  After all, theirs was the vision of a New Age … the promise of a Golden Age … a transition into the long heralded Age of Aquarius marked by a universal brotherhood and good will among men everywhere.

My first year in college was terribly marred by a very bad drug experience.  By nature, I was neither a drug nor an alcohol person because my tolerance was so low and my hypersensitivity was so high.  Therefore it took only a couple of tokes from a joint to push me over the edge.  However, what proceeded to happen on that Friday night in the 1970s went way beyond a bad high.  For it was the first time in my life when I really thought I was going to die.

Being a health nut my whole life, I quickly analyzed the entire affair and came to a firm conclusion that the weed was spiked with something.  My symptoms were simply way too intense and sustained for too long a period of time after a couple of tokes to have been caused by just marijuana.  The good news is that I never touched the stuff again while in college or grad school.

Not too long after that life-altering incident, I found myself drugged over a period of several months during my undergraduate college years to the point of both physical and psychological breakdown.  I eventually came to correct conclusion that I was being systematically drugged from a source in my dorm room.  Unfortunately, because I was in such a wrecked state of mind and body, it took me a while to leave that single person dorm room and head over to the main campus where I was assigned an outwardly gay roommate.

What’s the crucial point?

Someone was trying to break me—BIG TIME!  Who and why I did not know.  However, I had an abiding faith that the perpetrators would eventually reveal themselves, which they did unintentionally.  And, that their sinister agenda would likewise be exposed.  What I was not prepared for was just how pervasive and profound their malevolent scheme really was.

These extraordinarily radical experiences caused me to deeply contemplate several airplane trips that I took alone with my father when I was younger… and older.  Each time I was drugged in flight and had similar debilitating symptoms with predictable psychological aftereffects.  Then, other things took place regarding the response of my father that were quite strange which only confirmed that he was totally in on the drugging operation (remember my godfather was “The Druggist”).

The upshot of this all too frequent drugging regimen that I was made an unknowing victim of is that I knew that I was an ongoing experiment.  Admittedly, I had no idea whatsoever just how important that experiment was at the time, but I would find that out in due time.

The short story here is that I eventually realized that “my story was every Baby Boomer’s story”.  For example, colleges and universities across the USA were routinely used by the C.I.A. to recruit their future agents, foreign operatives and corporate contractors.  However, most of them were first put through some pretty difficult and harrowing and gruesome tests.

University was the very first time that young adults were living away from the protection and watchful eye of their parents.  This alone made them vulnerable to all sorts of recruiting and/or testing operations to see if they would fit into the purposefully ponerized culture of The Company.  Hence, the various types of trials and tribulations that many of us Baby Boomers were put through ranged from A to Z.  It all depended on what the role the young unaware recruit was being considered for.

College fraternities and sororities were especially utilized by the C.I.A. to identify unsavory characters and bad actors who were without conscience and scruples.  The hazing process alone surfaced who might become very proficient at administering torture techniques, as well as which pledges would stand up well to different types of torture.


The entirety of OPERATION BABY BOOMER revolved around the plan well known throughout the U.S. Intelligence Community as SEX, DRUGS & ROCK ‘N’ ROLL.

In point of fact, the British Invasion bands were quite purposefully sent to the United States during the mid-1960s to set up the biggest stage of OPERATION BABY BOOMER.  With the arrival of the The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Donovan, the Dave Clark Five, the Kinks, the Yardbirds, the Searchers, the Animals and many others commenced the most important phase of a psychological operation designed to forever influence America’s youth.  Conceived and rolled by the Tavistock Institute located in the Khazarian’s financial capital of London, this multi-decade psyop is as complex and convoluted and crazy as they come.

This highly consequential psyop had an MO and sequencing that must be properly understood in order to grasp the sheer enormity and gravity of its far-reaching effects on Western Civilization and the world up to this very day.

First came the rock ‘n’ roll.  Next came the drugs. The came the sex.

In that order — rock ‘n’ roll, drugs and sex — the body and minds of the youth of America were methodically taken over by an insidiously manifesting System—The BEAST System.

Now this part of the story is really a very long and complicated one that will be told in greater detail later on; but for now we will only touch on the critical points.

First, notice the order of the Tavistock meme: SEX, DRUGS & ROCK ‘N’ ROLL … when in reality this operation was rolled out in the opposite order.

Let’s face the obvious facts, wherever there was rock ‘n’ roll, there were drugs — LOTs of drugs — of every sort and kind.

And, whenever the alcohol flowed and drugs were freely passed around, the sex got hot and heavy fast—VERY FAST — especially when testosterone turbo-charged teenagers were partying their heads off to The Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin.

Very few folks really understand just how meticulously determined the specific vibrations and frequencies associated with rock ‘n’ roll music truly are.  Not only were they formulated to stimulate the most primal urges in a human being, they were also designed to produce a whole host of other negative effects and destructive reactions.

But remember, all songs that fit into the rock ‘n’ roll genre are as different as snowflakes falling from the sky.  Which means that there was a lot of truly great and inspiring music … just as there was tons of trash music.  This broad mix of good and bad rock ‘n’ roll was, of course, created with highly purposeful design.

If there’s one essential understanding for the reader to fully apprehend at this point, it is this. That, all real BIG things on Earth, which are the product of nefarious manipulation, are ultimately a double-edged sword.

In other words, it was only because of the most inspiring rock ‘n’ roll music performed with great enthusiasm and an authentic spirit that the Vietnam War was abruptly terminated.  Without that awesomely motivating music, Vietnam would have been America’s first forever war as it was conceived to be.  Those Beatnik and older Baby Boomer songwriters provided all the lyrics and melodies necessary to impel college kids in all 50 states to storm their administration buildings in protest of that horrendous war.  And what happened soon after that is now history.  As a matter of historical fact, every successful army has their own military band which provided just the right drumbeat and/or trumpet to take them to their victories.

Similarly, the drug culture was directly responsible for many hippies and yippies, beatniks and bohemians, free spirits and flower children having a truly cosmic experience.  We’re talking about one of the most sublime types of spiritual experience whereby folks viscerally felt their ONENESS with the Universe, with Creation, with Mother Nature, with God/Goddess, with each other, with the trees and animals, with streams and rocks, etc.  In many cases, those newly initiated into the realm of cosmic consciousness soon abandoned the drug culture in favor of pursuing their respective spiritual paths defined by mysticism and meditation.  In this regard was the double-edged sword especially sharp for the better for those spiritually inclined drug users.

As for the sex, this positive double-edged sword effect can best be explained by considering the great spiritual epic by Herman Hesse titled SIDDHARTHA.  This particular book was required reading back in the day for very good [DIVINE] reason.  Which Baby Boomer does not remember the stage of Siddhartha’s life when he found himself irresistibly consorting with “the Courtesan”.  For it was the courtesan who taught Siddhartha the language of love, the art of forbidden love, the science of physical love, the mysteries of human love that only she could teach.  In this way, Siddhartha was quickly and forever freed from the clutches of lust.  He was liberated from the most powerful of all primal urges ever to ever imprison man in the human body—sexual passion.

Of course, these 3 HUGE happenings were not the intended outcomes of the Khazarian Cabal; nor were they ever expected by the C.I.A.  But then the best way to make God laugh is to make a plan.  And if you really want to make Him howl, make a ‘perfect plan’, as the crazy Khazarians often do.

To be continued —

*This extended essay will see weekly additions until the most CIA-sensitive topics are discussed.  Only after certain world events start to cascade across everyone’s Internet screen will the most weighty and portentous disclosures be posted in this link.   

SOTN Editor’s Note: What will soon be published gets into highly sensitive material which has never before appeared on the Internet.  The central plot revolves around the Khazarian-created C.I.A. and exactly what The Company, as the CIA is well known throughout global intelligence circles, did to exert complete command and control over the entire planetary civilization.  Some of the most “radioactive” info concerns the intensive mind-control programming and social engineering techniques that were routinely employed to corral the incorrigibly nonconforming and non-compliant, iconoclastic and countercultural Baby Boomers in the Khazarian pen of compliance.  Therefore, the reader should not be surprised if access is denied to this website going forward.


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