Biden Crime Family Blows All 8 Gaskets After Whistleblower’s Bombshell-Laden Exposé

BREAKING! Not only does Biden’s main accuser mysteriously go missing, now the nakedly weaponized DoJ falsely charges the US-Israeli citizen with…..

…arms trafficking and acting as a Chinese agent.

State of the Nation

If there’s one story that captures the convoluted complexity and complete corruption of the Biden Crime Family, the bombshell-laden Gal Luft whistleblower exposé is it.

First, read Gal Luft’s various verified tweets in the link below to get a quick understanding of just how dangerous he is to Joe Biden’s international crime syndicate that was stealthily set up by his son Hunter Biden and covertly managed by his brother James Biden.

Whistleblower Gal Luft still missing after being
detained in Cyprus

Now, here’s a more recent update to the preceding story that shows just how deep Gal Luft is in outing Joe Biden’s for serious criminal activity going back to his days as Obama’s veep.

Whistleblower Gal Luft: ‘I May Have to Live on the Run For the Rest of
My Life’ For Informing U.S. Gov. About Biden’s Influence Peddling

Perhaps the best way to grasp the true gravity and enormity of this treason-filled Biden crime story is to listen to Gal Luft in his own words as follows.

‘Missing’ Biden corruption case witness Dr. Gal Luft details
allegations against president’s family (Video)

Weaponization of the Federal Law Enforcement

What’s really quite stunning about this self-incriminating move by the DoJ and FBI is that it comes right in the wake of numerous hearings on the “Weaponization of the Federal Government” held by the U.S. House of Representatives.

As Democrats tried their deceitful best to disprove the now transparent weaponization of of the DoJ and FBI against the American people, the Republicans (minus the RINOs) exposed a RICO-level crime network woven throughout the administrative Deep State that systematically targets perceived enemies of the Left.

Of course, criminally covering up the brazen theft of the 2020 POTUS election has been the primary casus belli for the countless Democrat communists who now populate every square inch inside the Beltway.

In fact, so determined are they to cover up that epic Team Biden crime spree in order to repeat it in 2024 that prosecutors are now criminalizing even the questioning of an election outcome. See: Legal Hitman Jack Smith and Biden’s DOJ Is Set to Indict Rudy Giuliani and Fellow Trump Attorneys for Questioning Stolen 2020 Election

Unintended Consequences

Now here’s the funny thing about this ongoing Deep State-coordinated conspiracy to weaponize government against the US citizenry.

The more patently criminal plots they hatch to take down their political opponents, the more obligated they are to cover them all up.  Then, the more cover-ups they implement, the more they are bound to cover up the cover-ups.

In other words, the hopelessly felonious nature of the Uniparty (Democrat Party + RINOs) is such that they are now all consigned to a future marked by a never-ending cycle of committing crime waves followed by executing cover-up crime sprees.

As always, every major MSM organ of the CIA’s Mockingbird Media is right there spewing out the supporting propaganda and prevaricating narratives as follows.

This is a developing story.

To be continued —

State of the Nation
July 11, 2023

Update #1

Biden’s “Criminal Injustice System” couldn’t care less about what you think, American Patriot.

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