Hawaii’s 9/11 Perpetrated
By All The Usual Suspects

Submitted by Maui Massacre Investigation Team
State of the Nation

There is now a growing body of hard evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the so-called Maui ‘wildfires’ were not wild at all; they were in fact the result of multiple acts of geoengineering, geoterrorism and pyroterrorism.

The photo posted above is just one example of the indisputable proof of a highly organized conspiratorial criminal plot to commit mass murder on the island of Maui on Tuesday, August 8, 2023.  Fires simply do not burn in perfect ovals like that as any fire marshal will attest to.

Maui Massacre — Lahaina “Ring of Fire”
Suggests Arson by Thermite (video)

Another example of hard evidence is found in the following video.  Boats parked on the waters off the coast of Lahaina Harbor were all on fire as though they were started in the boats themselves.  This type of ‘wildfire’ phenomenon has never been recorded before and is clear evidence of DEWs being used.  In this particular case, the DEW was likely high-powered microwave weaponry aimed right at those boats in the harbor.

DEW = Directed Energy Weapon


In point of fact, evidence is now pouring in which confirms that many things occurred and did not occur on Aug. 8th in Lahaina which, when considered in the aggregate, constitutes a case for outright intentional genocide.

But who was targeted? And why?

The numerous indigenous Hawaii landowners on Maui who would not sell and/or surrender their sacred lands to the the predacious land buyers such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg and the like—THAT’S WHO!

Maui is one of those extremely coveted places on planet Earth that the New World Order globalist cabal would like to showcase as a SMART ISLAND. See: WEF Global Goals For Hawaii Include Smart Cities!

Not only that, but the Hawaiian Islands altogether are being targeted for a total takeover before the CONUS is.  This is why an extreme Leftist regime has been stealthily shoehorned into place throughout Hawaii’s state government over decades … against the wishes of the very traditional and conservative Hawaiian natives.


Now listen to this Maui fire survivor to understand more about this long planned criminal plot to carry out genocide against the Hawaiian people.

WATCH! Maui fire survivor and firsthand witness speaks out
about the secret motive for the massacre.

Here’s another wildfire survivor speaking on the same issue:

MAUIGEDDON: It’s all about location, location, location (Video)

What’s the critical point here?

The reptilian predatory capitalists who reside at the top of the food chain will stop at nothing to steal the lands and properties within any geographic locations that are central to the utterly deceitful UN agendas—Agenda 21 and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Toward that end, the NWO cabal has, and will continue to, carry out a series of devastating geoterrorist attacks against the American people who happen live or own property in the wrong area.  Maui, being so prominently configured into their NWO agenda, was just such an unfortunate place.

Maui Massacre — 8/8/23

But why were the genocidal perps so determined to slaughter as many innocent residents as possible?

The evidence of such a deliberate massacre is now undeniable as either suggested or verified by these various news reports.

Evidence of Directed Energy Weapons in the Lāhainā fire (40 seconds)
Watch for the pulse flashes. (video)

Criminal Conspiracy for Lahaina Emergency Services
to STAND-DOWN Emerges

Hawaii utility faces scrutiny for not cutting power to reduce fire risks

Anyone else think it’s odd that Maui’s Police Chief was the
incident commander for the Las Vegas Massacre?

WATCH! Governor of Hawaii inadvertently tells the truth
about the “BOMB AND FIRE” went off! (Video)

You know this blatant crime wave of pyroterrorism was carried out to
perpetrate mass murder when this DID NOT HAPPEN!

Whats really going on in Maui? BlackRock, that’s what’s going on!

Deep State’s Deep Connection To Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii


PYROTERRORISM ALERT! Watch these videos of the Maui arson fires
to see how just unnatural they were.

If you don’t believe the Maui firestorms were started and spread via DEWs and pyroterrorism respectively, there’s simply NO hope for you. (Videos)

Maui Police Are ARRESTING Witnesses Of The Fires! (Video)

Oprah Winfrey INVESTIGATED for Maui Fires! (video)

Maui Police Are ARRESTING Witnesses Of The Fires! (Video)

FIRSTHAND TESTIMONY from couple who jumped into ocean
to escape Maui arson fire (Video)

Climate Change book based on MAUIGEDDON published less than
two days after DEW-triggered firestorms hit?!

The White-Hot Fuel of the Maui Firestor (video)

The Immense Volume of Airborne Aluminum Dust Sprayed by the Nonstop Global Chemtrail Operations is Fueling the DEW-triggered Firestorms

Here’s how the NWO pyroterrorists actually started and spread the MAUI firestorms

But what exactly establishes this series of acts of pyroterroism as the MAUI MASSACRE?

To date, officialdom has acknowledged the deaths of only 99 individuals as follows:

The well-concealed reality is that the official death tolls of every manmade disaster is always grossly understated.  They do this for two reasons primarily.

First, they do not want the local authorities to be run out of office for criminal negligence, manslaughter, or worse.  Secondly, they do not want to radically undermine the faith and trust that the citizenry has in all the various levels of government who are directly responsible for these meticulously engineered catastrophes.  Mass casualty events like this will be exposed sooner or later, just as the 9/11 false flag terror attacks were, so they want to lowball the death counts to reduce their exposure to any genocide charges.

The grim reality in Maui is that thousands have died gruesome deaths BY DESIGN.  For this entire pyroterrorist operation was also carried out as a Holocaust by the Khazarian Cabal.  This is why they perpetrated this heinous crime against humanity on the occult date of 8/8 of 2023.  This highly purposeful MCE was also carried out on a Tuesday, the day that Khazarians worship their “God of War”.

In point of fact, unofficial reports have already been made by first responders who have pulled out hundreds of dead bodies throughout various locations around Maui County.  Although there has been no MSM reporting on these thousands of murders, they are coming to light by the day.


In the weeks ahead, there will be volumes of evidence presented on this Alt Media platform which prove that the cabal conducted this “Maui Massacre” for several other reasons as well.

Remember, the Khazarian perps always time and locate the BIGGEST of these 9/11-level, false flag, terrorist operations to accomplish many goals simultaneously, some of those objectives seemingly fulfilled at cross purposes with each other.

Of course, DISTRACTION is alway a HUGE purpose behind the most captivating of these shocking mass casualty events.  Given the stunning and unparalleled disclosures which have been made about the Biden Crime Family this summer, is it any wonder they pulled off the Maui Massacre right now during the dog days of summer?!

Biden’s humiliating defeat regarding the Ukraine War is also coming to light—BIG TIME— as are many other inconvenient truths about the most corrupt and criminal administration in U.S. history—BAR NONE!

SOTN Editor’s Note: Please send this VITAL video to anyone and everyone you know who lives in or near Maui.  The crucial information contained in this islander’s presentation could not only save lives, it may prevent much unnecessary pain and suffering in the future for all Mauians. WATCH & LISTEN: SHOCKING MAUI UPDATES!

Maui Massacre Investigation Team
State of the Nation
August 14, 2023


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