A Patriot Writes to TIME Magazine About Their Covid Mask “VOTE” Issue

Explanation on cover.

Submitted by JS

After reviewing a times article I am not going to apologize when I ask these rightfully questions.

A1. Are you persuaded in ANY form (financially threats bribes deals) to alter or modify your magazine to reflect a certain narrative?
2. Why aren’t you a non biased magazine that stays neutral or at least puts Americans first?
3. Why are you using symbols and codes like a secret organization or pedophile would?

There are 85 million Patriots that refuse to back down. We do our own research, do not believe censored media (which is also Time magazine) and we are now more pissed off then ever. You want to write about something? Write about this email and how you all get paid God know how much money to report or write FAKE scripted news. The journalists years ago that were out in the fields did their research and didn’t care about what people thought about them. They would do circles around you and your team today.

These “reporters” go in with their entitlement, get handed what to read, and spit it out regardless of the facts. Big Tech and Big Pharma all bought out controlling them and probably you as well. It’s done. The elite with power can no longer continue to hide their sick dirty deals and perverted nature.

I would really appreciate if you didn’t follow in all deceit. We know covid is a political ploy. We know politicians are taking deals for covid supplies pocketing profits so why wouldn’t the fake president Biden and other governors in democratic cities want us to continue to wear covid masks gloves etc. Not to mention it’s easier to sex traffic children. (Just ask the Clinton’s) This election basically is America vs the highest buyer and we know who aligned Joe and Hunters pockets…you really should remove that cover. Time magazine has hidden pedophile messages stating Americans are in chains and about to become communist China. Wow. I’ll pass that along.

My final question, I already know you were told to post that cover or bribed to post that cover on times. You really want 85 million Patriots to eventually figure out why? Sit tight….


Just one pissed Patriot.



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