LOCKDOWN OTTAWA: Angry Truckers Converge on Canadian Capital on Jan 28th

Ottawa lockdown: Truckers Canada gear up to make ‘BIG’ noise 01/29 [time sensitive]

Our Greater Destiny

If you got it, a trucker brought it

Freedom Convoy 2022 peaceful protest Ottawa, Ontario Jan 29, 2022

Difference between drug cartels and governments

An important distinction between governments and 3rd world countries run by drug cartels is this, while both are organized crime, unlike government drug cartels DO NOT FORCE you to take their drugs.

Converge Ottawa, Ontario Jan 29, 2022

Jan 18.22 Pat King update.
Contains colorful language b/c informed people are fed up. They know covid is not about health, it’s about control, culling the population, and survival of our species.

People remain unaware b/c government, mainstream media, a percentage of the medical profession, and others censor fact based evidence of a world flu coup. https://www.facebook.com/therealpatking/videos/1057137978184897

Park your rig

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Slow rolling convoys at US border crossings.

Truckers vaxxed and unvaxxed b/c this is not about health it’s about human rights and freedoms

Routes, current info, schedule, maps, video links, live streams, donate link: https://canada-unity.com/bearhug

Telegram group link https://t.me/+b7mesifjeOM3NDcx

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Freedom-Convoy-2022-100286905896085

Images https://postimg.cc/gallery/F457gPd

Go fund me https://www.gofundme.com/f/taking-back-our-freedom-convoy-2022

If you can assist any way Email: gidget642@gmail.com
PHONE 1.678.778.6992

By, under, out of, and through, the absolute authority of Necessity and Emergency and other Extraordinary Measures

38,000 Canadian truckers quit, American truckers to quit Jan 22.22

This means North America food shortages unlike anything you can imagine. Everyone is warned to stock up over the next few days.

Pitting man against man

I could not embed the video so I took a screen shot of a trucker showing 52,000 dead chickens dumped into his rig in southern Ontario to haul away.

Food shortages by design pit man against man. Is the avian flu man made, like supply chain disruptions for alleged covid?

What about massive price inflation making industrial farming economically unfeasible?

Why are so many people experiencing respiratory distress that can last for months?

Jan 22, 2022 World-wide freedom rally

Rally 6.0 is resolved upon shared objectives, shared principles, and shared solution actions that we invite all people in every nation to stand behind for the future of our society.

Search for rallies in your area.


Telegram Information Channels:

Canada https://action4canada.com/world-wide-freedom-rally-6-0-jan-22-2022/

UK https://www.exposingtheirlies.com/post/worldwide-rally-for-freedom-sat-22-jan-across-uk

Washington, DC https://defeatthemandatesdc.com

Jan 22, 2022 Minds and Hearts Unite

Set the pace for a peaceful protest in Ottawa Canada.

At a time when humanity is struggling in the darkness, let us unite as one family and become the light of freedom.

Join the world in prayer, meditation, aspiration or silence in support of peace and freedom. No registration required.

24 hours. Stay for any length of time. Come back as often as you wish. https://day4freedom.com


Support the cause

Truckers are taking a stand on behalf of us all.

Please pray the light of truth is soon seen by all, everyone is safeguarded, and that the peaceful protest in Ottawa causes the government to stand down in Canada and that other governments take notice.

Please show support any way you can, which includes informing others without delay. TY


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