Are the medical authorities deliberately moving elderly COVID-19 patients into hospitals to kill them with ventilators and/or other dangerous protocols?!

Submitted by Corona Critic

From the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic it’s been clear that they wanted to move a lot of old and sick people into hospitals.

Isn’t that the worst place for them?!

Not only are the overcrowded hospitals unsafe for young healthcare providers, older folks infected with COVID-19, who have serious medical ailments, are just about guaranteed to die there.

The stats have proven that, when the elderly patients are admitted into hospitals with any health conditions, the mortality rate has been much higher during the 2020 corona era.

So, what gives?

And, why have the medical authorities been determined to put so many of these high-risk patients on ventilators?

Ventilators have been shown to quickly worsen the patients. (‘People with COVID-19 may have their lungs destroyed when they are placed on ventilators’ — ER and Critical Care Doctor from NYC)

That means the hospitals are being used to execute a strategy that hastens the death of older patients who are ill, as well as young patients who are severely compromised with other diseases or immunosuppressed.

Sounds like someone has ordered the hospital staff to follow a set of protocols that intentionally increases the mortality rate of COVID-19.

But not only that: many other victims of this genocide, who have been incorrectly diagnosed with COVID-19, are also having their lives terminated.

So, just to recap the key elements of this unfolding conspiracy:

We already know that COVID-19 test is highly suspect. (Is the COVID-19 test giving people the coronavirus or vaccinating them without their knowledge or both?)

We know that the ventilators are dangerous to coronavirus sufferers, especially the elderly.

If they are administering anti-viral drugs like Favipiravir, Galidesivir and Remdesivir, what’s really in those drug cocktails?

Lastly, what other questionable or fatal treatments are the hospitals giving to patients who are incapacitated and unable to even make informed medical decisions?

Add all this together and its clear there’s a hidden agenda to cull the population—BIG TIME!


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