Here’s why they use oxygen-absorbing 60GHz for short-range wireless applications

Except from: The Origins of 60GHz: How Does It Work?

by Brian Dipert

“As was touched upon earlier, the oxygen-absorbing characteristics of 60GHz is another part of making 60GHz operate well. Oxygen attenuates 60GHz signals as they travel over long distances, a trait unique to 60Ghz, and this is why 60GHz is used for short-range wireless applications. This signal absorption by oxygen is what creates the signal security and stability that makes 60GHz an ideal technology for applications such as wireless high-definition content transfer, which requires an extremely high bandwidth and stability for optimal quality. Additionally, the absorption means that radiation from one particular 60 GHz radio link is quickly reduced to a level that will not interfere with other 60 GHz links operating in the same vicinity. This reduction enables the ability for more 60 GHz radio-enabled devices to successfully operate within one location.”


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