Will the Left trigger the imposition of martial law prior to the midterm elections?

Summerlin, NV
May 22, 2022

Left Authoritarianism, Transhumanism and the Huxwellian World of 2022

by Rich Scheck

The emergence of Left Authoritarianism is a major feature of modernity, what I call the Huxwellian World of 2022. As a former bleeding heart liberal, it fascinates me that it is the Left that has morphed into the quasi-fascist abode that historically was perceived to be the natural province of the Right.

When my Father used to tell me “it can’t happen here” he was echoing the thoughts of Sinclair Lewis that the Bill of Rights with its First Amendment protection of free speech and association served as a powerful bulwark against totalitarian rule.

But the last few years have seen the imposition of restraints on speech and massive censorship from the Left as one of the key features of Trump Derangement Syndrome. I say this in the same spirit as Glen Greenwald, Naomi Wolfe, Bill Maher and other liberals who do not support Trump but are aware of how ugly things have become in reaction to him and as a mechanism for power consolidation by his “progressive” enemies.

Examples abound of this new Left authoritarianism: censorship of all narratives regarding covid-19 not conforming to the Fauci version of reality; rejection of the Hunter Biden laptop story as disinformation; characterizing all resistance from the Right regarding the 2020 election, abortion, covid, immigration and gun rights as domestic terrorism; and now the hint by Congressman LaHood (R) that rejection of the official government narrative pertaining to UFOs should be………criminalized! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdEuECchWTA

Then there is the unfolding war in Ukraine where NATO and the MIC have achieved a major infusion of empowerment led by the Left’s embrace of Neocon ideology. Here we have Russia stigmatized for doing what the West does all the time, i. e. intervene militarily in the affairs of another country when its interests are perceived to require it.

The Monroe Doctrine being evoked by America is the best example of this phenomena (The Sorrows of Empire) that also has seen interventions in many far-flung venues such as Korea, Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Kosovo and now a return to Somalia with the full backing of the former anti-war Democratic party.

All of that and much more as Biden rolled out his Ministry of Truth while being poised to embrace the WHO’s plan for a global medical police state where we’ll see the abandonment of national sovereignty and the already weakened protections afforded by the Constitution as part of a power grab not seen in the world since the Germans did it in the 1930s.

Lingering below the surface and cementing this process of maximum top-down control is the WEF vision of Transhumanism that will be on full display this week in Davos.

It’s a remarkable turn of events, clearly foreseen by visionaries like Orwell and Huxley as well as Rudolph Steiner, Edgar Cayce and others in which technology emerges triumphant over the human spirit with our souls threatened with extinction.

Irrespective of what side of the political spectrum the budding tyranny emerges, its eagerness to suppress opposition views and impose draconian restrictions on our freedoms is something all decent people should abhor. What amazes me is how comfortable the self-righteous liberals/Leftists have become with the raw exertion of power and their blindness to the hypocritical projection of these authoritarian behaviors onto those they hate.

It is a dangerous, sickening situation with the high potential for a breakdown in civil society and the imposition of martial law prior to the midterm elections where the Left is highly vulnerable to the growing populist revolt.

The crisis is accelerating as reflected in the Stock Market plunge, rising gas prices and the potential for wide-spread food shortages among many other problems. Watch for the imposition of emergency powers by Biden, the WHO and other entities needing centralized authority to sustain their control as part of The Great Reset/NWO Agenda.

The Huxwellian World of 2022 has arrived with the full backing of Left Authoritarians many of whom seem oblivious to how sweeping will be its impact especially as Transhumanism likely destroys even them in the coming days.

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