Check out these search engine results for SOTN articles on the Texas shooting hoax—outright censorship or what!

All Major Search Engines AI-Controlled to Immediately Censor and/or Falsely Debunk
Truth … … … About Everything!

State of the Nation

First, here’s a screenshot from the Yahoo search engine results for the title of SOTN’s featured article on the Texas shooting hoax.  Notice the bottom entry shown as  Then look closely at the gibberish written under our home page link.  It looks like this: ST2 QYì! •Å v‰ÈY¯ @#eáüý—Àà˜À ˜–í¸ ¯Ïï?õµ¬WMõ ,ò ™òç gÖëóÿîâ DB Ö É Ð/²fÒ )Š*ÿײªÿuÕfu=:+‡nI)FIîQ ’ G … 

What follows is the copy that’s supposed to appear under the SOTN link in that search result.

One more time, here’s a screenshot of a close-up of the same gibberish that was inserted to replace the radioactive truth about the real purpose of the shooting hoax.

State of the Nation
May 26, 2022

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