Texas School False Flag Mass Shooting Hoax Also Carried Out By The Globalists Because Of This

The New World Order globalist cabal is always looking for ways to profoundly undermine the spirit of the American Republic.  That’s why the cultural marxists, political bolsheviks and Democrat communists are out in force ever since the US government-sponsored shooting hoax was conducted in Texas on May 24th.

That’s also why the NWO perpetrators chose this week to carry out this shocking black operation and nationwide psyop.  Not only do these heart-rending massacres bring everyone down, totally wrecking and ruining the MEMORIAL DAY holiday weekend, they also get folks everywhere talking about the need for new gun control laws.  Even some of the most stalwart Patriots have succumbed to this stealthy incremental strategy of gutting the 2nd Amendment.

Submitted by A Southern Patriot

State of the Nation
may 26, 2022

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