Why the vast majority of physicians have failed the public

Joel S. Hirschhorn

This is the big ugly truth that many people will have trouble facing:

Only some independent physicians have been heroic during the pandemic.

In some of my past writings I have spoken about the failure of most physicians to truly understand pandemic issues and think and act independently to serve the public. Instead they have served the interests of Big Pharma, their corporate employers and government agencies, most clearly as big pushers of COVID vaccines. They do not follow or know the medical research on many pandemic issues. They either do not have the time or interest or skills to independently follow medical research.  Instead they rely on big medical societies and government agencies.

Here is what Robert Malone just pointed out:

“The most common explanation for why physicians have not spoken up about the weaponization and manipulation of public health information and policies during the “Coronacrisis” is that they are deeply indebted due to the loans taken out to enable their extended and expensive education, and have no practical choice other than to comply with the mandates imposed on them by government, insurance agencies, and their host institutions (academic or private hospital chains). They have a profound financial conflict of interest- comply or go bankrupt. In large part, the physicians and medical scientists who have spoken up about the compromised medical ethics, regulatory standards, mis- and disinformation propagated by governments and WHO (including intentionally withheld or manipulated medical and epidemiological information) have been financially independent, often senior with high status or established independent medical practices, or otherwise have been decoupled from mechanisms or institutions which have been weaponized to force compliance with centralized edicts. In other words, the majority of those who have spoken out have freedom to speak BECAUSE they are (relatively) financially independent.”

In my book Pandemic Blunder released about 1.5 years ago I gave attention to the innovative doctors who, starting in March 2020, were saving patients with generics; Dr. Zelenko wrote the Preface to my book. They still are saving lives with generics. They have withstood the ugly politics of the pandemic. Unlike the majority of doctors they truly follow the science and the data.  Ordinary people will not easily find a doctor that can see past the mountain of pandemic propaganda that fuels public health and medical establishments.

The doctors we normally see to manage our illnesses should not be seen as competent about pandemic issues.  That truth is difficult to swallow.  It means that people must work hard themselves to find pandemic truths on sites like this one..  That some one million Americans have died with or from COVID is proof that putting all your trust in most physicians can be lethal.

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