Just like Sandy Hook, the AR-15 is seen at the shooter’s car in the first video

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Why Robb Elementary Drill – Jeffersonian Girl

Uvalde School Shooting Hoax – Uvalde, A Hotbed for Hoaxes

Two Uvalde teens were recently arrested for Conspiracy to Commit Murder after officers said they foiled a mass-shooting plot the pair had schemed.

In the press release, Uvalde Chief of Police Daniel Rodriguez said that a Morales Junior High School student,14, and a former Morales student, 13, had specifically targeted numerous students in what they described as a plan to perform a “mass casualty event against the school.”

Source: https://www.kens5.com/article/news/local/two-teens-arrested-after-planning-mass-casualty-event-for-uvalde-school/273-548565605
Isaias Melendez Knows All The Texas Children Who Were Shot, But Not Their Ages


Robb Elementary School – Another Sandy Hook

Senator Chris Murphy, CT, goin’ for the Academy Award.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4OauUiHRsU 5-24-22


Robb Elementary School shooting News Posted Before It Happened – Sizzorfite


Uvalde Texas Shooting May 24th Robb Elementary School



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