Milking sympathy for Gofundme donations just like Sandy Hook exposes the Uvalde hoax

Recent Uvalde shooting uploads to

Submitted by Harold Saive

UVALDE HOAX:  FINALLY, after FOUR DAYS (..drum roll, maestro)
The news finally hits t.v. that Ulvade P. D. had hosted active shooter training two months ago.

(BOOM) ABC News Reports Uvalde Massacre Using Sandy Hook Footage .

(BOOM) Same Cobb School Dead Child (Angel Garza) With 2 Different Fathers (!)

UVALDE: AND THE OSCAR GOES TO….(roll that beautiful crisis actor footage!)

UVALDE: Here’s your video laxative for today: Lying Sandy Hooker~Scarlett Lewis

PAY DAY BABY! The Uvalde GoFundMe Traitors of Doom

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