Another Update On The Texas School FRAUD Shooting

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Well… All of my intensive work around my yard over these last few days is finally paying off and the yard looks great… This is in spite of the horrendous WET weather that has been pounding this part of Canada nearly nonstop over these last few weeks, leaving the soil basically as MUD….

And yes, I am calling this ‘weather modification’ as there is no other logical sense in all this other than the freaks in charge purposely turning the soil in this part of Canada to mud just to try to. prevent any planting of crops for this year just to magnify the effect of their ‘famine’ that they have coming this Autumn… I cannot express enough the need for everyone to be well prepared for what is coming and to stock up on supplies NOW while there is plenty in the stores…

OK, Onto the order of business, and honestly I do want to get back to ripping the SCAMDEMIC and of course their latest fraud aka “Monkeypox” to smithereens as I have been doing for years now… But, I cannot help but to think about how EASILY so many suckers out there got conned into believing that this ‘shooting’ down in Uvalde Texas is the ‘real McCoy’…. It bothers me that so many are so easily DUPED by the ‘Electric Jew’ aka the ‘Idiot Box’ that is spewing nothing more than 100% lies upon lies…. Sadly you cannot even turn on that propaganda device these days and NOT be inundated with ludicrous reports about this ‘shooting’ and how ’21 people have been murdered’….

I for one am not impressed for there are SO MANY holes in the ‘official story’ that as I said in my last report you could drive a massive semi trailer through! And of course I have now come under some attack in my ‘comment section’ as the TROLLS are trying to blast me for my stand on seeing this ‘shooting’ as a 100% fraud.. I have of course refused to allow their comments through as they are nothing but complete bullshit and full of slurs and insults…..

Therefore I want to once again hammer this fraud shooting HARD and show even MORE evidence that it is a complete ‘set up’ and such an insult to everyone’s intelligence… And once again I want to turn to JIM STONE through his website at with his latest take on this fraud… Here is Jim’s latest, from earlier today, for everyone to see right here:

That said:At WEF, Pfizer CEO blames “lack of education” as the cause of BILLIONS of his MRNA shots to sit in storage, unused.

“Jim, I read your revised timeline. Is it possible that mister concealed carry actually killed the patsy? And then government agents actually carried out operation. My response: Sure. that is probably what actually happened. Which is why the two patsies don’t line up, – why we have trans boy with hand gun replaced with mister AR.

Revised timeline: After thinking a bit, this is probably what really happened with the “shooting”

The two versions of the story (concealed carry screws it all up in the parking lot, and “he got into the school”) could have both happened. Here’s how.

1. At 11 AM The police and federal officers set up on site and wait for their patsy to arrive, having built the back ground story.

2. At 11:43 AM Patsy arrives, goes according to script, but unexpectedly along with the agents, mister “concealed carry” is there too, and screws it all up.

3. Their “patsy” was either not sufficiently hurt or not hurt at all and the police NAIL mister “concealed carry” and throw him into anonymous detention, where he is rotting now. Perhaps he was the one who got shot also.

4. The school sends out the notice that there’s an active shooter but they have it under control and everyone is safe. That was reported by Fox news, and captures of that are on this page.

5. Whoever was in charge of the op got the order: That is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. The patsy is in their van at this point, getting a “programming update”.

6. The police and federal agents make damn good and sure a back door is open (a total violation but they get it open) so they can re-launch the op.

7. After getting screwed up by “mister concealed carry”, the op is re-launched WAY TOO LATE. Initially it was supposed to happen at 11:30, but by the time they re-launched, the parents are there trying to pick their kids up from school.

8. The parents are held outside by the police and even handcuffed for getting too rambunctious about nothing being done, begging to enter as they hear blanks get fired. Perhaps the bullets were still real (the blanks are a guess) but since the people that launched this op need kids for ceremonies, I doubt they wasted them. During this time, the final story line as presented to the press gets formulated.

9. The parents wait for most of an hour. One manages to get into the school somehow but does not really see a whole lot because it is all going down in a different area. she leaves, believing it all and talks that way which is understandable.

10. The two conflicting story lines and timing errors cause so many problems for the op that people saw it, even ordinary people realized something was amiss, so the MSM then launches a horse shit story about a husband who died of a broken heart:


Now they are laying it on thick to “reinforce” the story line – shot to death teacher’s husband dies of a broken heart!!!! You can’t make this stuff up!!! Yes, that helped me forget how the police just waited around outside, how the initial reports said it all ended in the parking lot, I forgot ALL OF THAT because broken hearts RULE. Pfizer shot??

Fox is obviously hoping it’s viewers drink the magic potion.

Or was that coo coo cola?


If at first you don’t succeed, lie, lie again!

And after I posted that, I got barraged by my web host in Iceland who magically found an old tech support letter right at that time and desperately tried to use it to cancel the .is servers where I am not even predominantly hosted now. Fortunately due to an isnic handle that expired since that letter, they failed to pull it off, I am not quite ready to have those servers be completely dead yet.

Someone is mad about the failure of this psy op, there’s no doubt about that!

NTS Notes: I know that Jim can be pretty harsh sometimes in his criticisms of so many.. But I see his point in that we are dealing with complete MORONS these days that simply do not have two brain cells to rub together and understand a complete fraud when it is staring them in their faces….

Oh, and what about the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets that are spinning this fraud story so fast now that if you wrapped copper electric wire around that spin it would probably power a small city at least? Well, they are trying so desperately to give ‘excuses’ as to WHY the fucking “POLICE” (dollars to donuts those were not ‘regular cops’ at all, but agents there to run this charade…) did not allow the parents to have access to that school for apparently 90 minutes after they were first alerted that there was an ‘active shooting incident’ in progress? Well, according to the following link to a report from the ‘Gateway Pundit’ their latest ‘excuse’ is that they did not want to storm the school and stop the ‘shooter’ because they feared that they would, AND get this… , GET SHOT AT by the ‘active shooter’… Here is that link here:

NTS Notes: Yes, this explains why they sat by for nearly 90 fucking minutes before even going into this school, right? And the perfect excuse to prevent the parents, who were exasperated by the ‘police actions’ from also going in just to save their children…. HONESTLY, If anyone believes any part of their horse manure on this one, they need their heads examined..

As I said above, they are spinning this story so fast and the more that we see their lies, they are stuck and forced to spin it even faster…

And seriously??? ARE the ‘Uvalde Police’ nothing but fucking pussies? It is their JOB to go into the fray and stop a shooter in all cases just to prevent more innocent people from being hurt… That, and what about KEVLAR vests and face shields??? Are they claiming that this ‘force’ did not have those to prevent the officers from being shot at? THIS ONE therefore is so ludicrous and just piles onto the other incessant lies about this ‘shooting’…

Honestly, this stinks to high heaven.. AND I am in full agreement with Jim Stone’s assessment that they ‘botched’ this fraud shooting from the get go and had to come up with something as a ‘ reasonable facsimile’ and thus probably took either the already wounded ‘shooter’ and wicked him into the ‘back door’ (the front is of course barred by entry as are most Texas schools) just to make the whole thing look good for the gullible public..

OK, Has anyone actually died at this latest fraud? THAT is the big question, as we know by now that the monsters conducting these ‘exercises’ sometimes, though not always, have to have a few ‘deaths’ just to try to make them look ‘authentic’… Thus there may indeed have been a few ‘killings’ which were conducted by those running this operation and NOT the ‘patsy’ aka Ramos, at all….

As I have always said… I can smell a fraud when I see one, and have hit the bullseye for over a decade now in ALL of my writings…. But once again we are in an uphill battle as the power of the lying whore media is so dominant and the braindead sheep have their minds turned to mush by their propaganda to the point that they will NEVER listen to reason….

And to the naysayers that are now attacking me with their garbage comments… Bring it on, and please PROVE to me that this is the real thing without harping the garbage from the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets that are gung-ho in having every American defenceless without their guns…. I am always prepared and ready to debate these morons at any time..

Update, May 28th 2022: HERE is another interesting ‘tidbit’ from Jim Stone, that should have a lot of people going “hmmmmm”:

QUESTION: How did a teacher OPEN and then leave a door propped open for the shooter to enter through when at that time the entire school knew that shots had been fired in the parking lot?

People are saying it was Eva Morales that blocked the door open but the MSM will not admit it. Rather than be a dead hero, she is a likely participant that will now lay low at “Five swimming pools and a lake” for a year or two, before she starts a new much more wealthy life after a limited amount of plastic surgery. Just like a prominent “victim” of the bat man shooting did.

BONUS: Her husband “died of a broken heart” so he can go to “five swimming pools and a lake” WITH HER. No explanation for why he vanished when she “died” is needed now.

NTS Notes: Yes, will wonders ever cease? And I for one will be keeping an eye on how these fraudsters ‘spin’ this ‘Eva Morales’ character…

And lets be honest here, for the more we dig into this fraud, the more it becomes IMPOSSIBLE and therefore a 100% criminal operation conducted by the ‘Powers that be’….. The issue I have of course is how the fuck do we wake up the masses to this hoax as their minds have been so brainwashed in just the last few days by the incessant LIES from the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets?

More to come



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