Further On The Texas School FRAUD Shooting

The “Official” Story Is 100% TOAST!

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I knew this was coming… I stated clearly in yesterday’s updated post that the Uvalde Texas ‘mass shooting’ that has been all over the LYING WHORE MEDIA with their incessant reports that some ’21 people have died’ is 100% BOVINE EXCREMENT and an absolute LIE…..

I am one that believes in common sense and rationality… And as I showed yesterday, it was CLEARLY IMPOSSIBLE for any so called ‘shooter’ to even get into a school in Texas, as since the FRAUD ‘Sandy Hook’ mass shooting fraud from nearly a decade a go, many states in the United States changed their school policies whereas nobody would be allowed to enter, and the entrance to schools was like entering a high security prison…. These policies were especially put into place in the state of Texas, meaning that a ‘mass shooter’ would never get past the front entrance to ANY school….

Therefore, everything that we have been told about this latest ‘mass shooting’ is absolutely a massive lie and is being done purposely just to once again massage the simple minds of most Americans that have already been destroyed thanks to the garbage they mindlessly watch via their ‘ELECTRIC JEWS’ or as I call them the ‘IDIOT BOXES’…. That and the effects of the KILL SHOTS on their victims’ brains is also turning many into mindless drones and zombies…. Thus most will just drool, and mindlessly accept anything that is thrown their way without ANY questions asked… This seemingly is the case right now across America, as most are accepting this latest ‘mass shooting’ as being REAL without even bothering to research and realize that this one is as full of holes as was the case in ‘Sandy Hook’….

I want to put a few more nails in the coffin on this ‘mass shooting’ fraud in Texas, and to do so, I want to present the following report that once again comes courtesy of Jim Stone, through his website at http://www.notiniceland.com… Here is Jim’s latest report, followed of course by my own thoughts and comments:


Now the Wall Street Urinal is reporting that federal marshals handcuffed parents to prevent them from entering the school to save their kids. So as I saw it, no shooting happened. As they are reporting it, this shooting was sponsored by the federal government, which could not have had a federal marshall on scene that fast unless it was planned, and to top it all off, the police restrained parents from entering to stop the shooting. Certified government op.

TAKE YOUR PICK: HOAX OR GOVERNMENT OP. Either way the story is TOAST TOAST TOAST. They needed a distraction from Davos and also to make hay with the last shooting they sponsored and somehow, someone really effed this one up BADLY. When there’s shooting going on for an hour with parents filming other parents begging the police to go in and stop it and the police prevent even the parents from going in and that ends up on video, you know DAMN WELL it’s a government op, they bagged themselves.

Option A: FAKE.
Option B: Yes, THEY shot people
Option C: The police wanted to make damn good and sure the crisis acting was performed to a fine finish, and that took an hour! They could not let the parents in to see a fake in progress when 18 kids were going to be stolen to finish it off.

Put your finger up in the air with this one, the wind stinks from all directions.

The WEF needed a distraction and a “shooting” did the trick!!

Ever since Sandy Hook all back doors to schools have been locked everywhere, and police inspect it.

Numerous people familiar with the topic are posting about this online, and one familiar with Texas schools even got a mail through about that to here.

I’ll tell you why all schools are zero acces now, and it’s not any shooting hazard –

They likely staged Sandy Hook so they could have an excuse to make schools ZERO ACCESS to everyone, including parents, without approval beforehand. Before Sandy Hook parents could walk right in. Now you can’t do that. WHY? Easy answer: Because they don’t want parents walking into the schools and witnessing what the schools are doing to the children. The transgender woke crap. You have to be approved to even get in.

Sandy Hook was probably done more for that reason than gun control. Sandy Hook was likely done to ensure locking doors and a sign in process to keep parents from knowing what is going on got installed on ALL SCHOOLS. And they did it, no parent can walk in and discover JACK. Now they can completely shred the children and never get caught.

Who will the children follow? TikTok mom who’s troubled by even nuking a hot dog let alone talking for a half hour, or the school, that has them for hours a day? They don’t want TikTok mom waking up. Lock the damn doors and throw her in jail if she ever manages to show up IN THE SCHOOL without approval. The schools absolutley would jail a parent that somehow just managed to sneak in without them knowing. All because of Sandy Hook!

If you WANT to believe the shooting actually happened, the NYT reported that The cops just let it happen which makes it a staged op anyway.

I just think they are spewing anything now to get people to believe it really happened after they got busted too hard on their story line. This is the first shooting I ever saw that took five hours for them to say the shooter did anything at all. For FIVE WHOLE HOURS this was a parking lot incident and I totally blew it off and did not even bother to look for more reports that state this than that FOX report because I figured the story was going nowhere. Then late afternoon came and PRESTO! They ran with it.  CONCLUSION: The police were there to supervise a staged event and only entered when the staging was complete and they had their story. They had scamming parents for Sandy Hook too. Yesterday “the police stood down for almost an hour” was NOT in the story line.

So now we see the results of colleges teaching people how to butt bang and bitch, rather than learn anything real and they leave with minds that have ZERO discipline so their psy ops are sketchy and disjointed as hell. Since that’s how their minds work they think the old school that is suspicious will think the same way and also be fooled . . . . . it took 5 hours to even partially tie anything down when it should have been cinched in 45 minutes – 5 hours because slack performance was accepted in their education and turning the paper in late was OK. Now, on day 2 after the shooting they are still making stuff up because they can’t grasp the concept of ON TIME. You know – like those Twitter workers who are tolerated when they don’t show up for a week. Or only work 4 hours a week. THAT.

I am sure that if any kids did get “killed” the parents are going to be told the results are too gruesome to witness so just do a cremation or closed casket because “trust us you don’t want to see the body” and SOON, very soon, there will be more stained mattresses on Epstein’s island (which is still in full swing by the way)


Interesting it is that he just so happened to have “shot up” the most valuable little ones! Perfect for one of those beds in the following capture:

THIS IS HOW THEY GET THE VICTIMS FOR THEIR FALSE FLAG SHOOTINGS. It is easier to do this than be troubled with actual people.

NTS Notes: Well, I do have my differences from time to time with Jim, but he is so ‘SPOT ON’ with his analysis of this latest fraud in Texas…

So, where do we go from here? To me, I do want to see everyone spread this information around in the hope of still awakening those that do have a few brain cells left in their heads that this is yet another of those ‘false flag’ shootings that has the goal of trying to convince Americans to surrender their last line of defence against these criminals, which is of course their guns…

And yes, by just using common sense and logic, anyone can see that this ‘Texas shooting’ is so full of holes you could drive a MACK truck through them… And yet, even I living here in Canada am watching the lying whore media outlets scream 24/7 about this latest ‘outrage’ in America and not even bother with any forms of rationality that shows clearly that this is just another 100% fake…

Wake up, everyone, and especially my readers in America… You are all being treated as fools and idiots by these criminals, and are being led down the path to slaughter…..

More to come



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