Another Key Update On The Uvalde Texas Shooting Fraud: How Does A ‘Victim’ Of This Fraud Have TWO Different Fathers? (Updated)

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I was going to try to relax today and do a LOT of articles tomorrow… But ONE key fact was sent my way earlier today by an astute follower of this blog that ABSOLUTELY blows the entire fraud Uvalde ‘mass shooting’ hoax to hell and I want to share that fact with my readers here…

That reader showed me some great new evidence that is the MAIN article today over at Jim Stone’s website at… I want to share those findings from Jim right here, for this alone PROVES that this ‘mass shooting’ was indeed a massive fraud:

A MASSIVE screwup was made with the crisis actors

Two different crisis actor dads claimed the same daughter with the same name and same honor roll certificate as their daughter, both dads claiming the same last name and were broadcast on two different networks.

Two different dads on two different networks claimed the same daughter as theirs because there was some sort of organizational issue with which dead kids each fake parent was supposed to claim. They screwed one up and the screwup was bad enough to prove the dads were not mistaken because they both had the same script for the same girl. It appears they accidentally took two photos of the same girl with the same honor roll certificate and they forgot to delete one, so both entered the psy op system and both got mailed out to two different networks that had two different guys role play the dad. Biggest screwup ever done and they call US the “tinfoil hatters”.


NTS Notes: Jim’s video link does not work as I have tried several times to embed it here…But the video of this fraudulent bullshit ‘my two dads’ comes here courtesy of BITCHUTE:

Obviously, as narrative shifts are needed, the shooting story “evolves” to stop people from pointing out problems. Time for a freeze frame.

NTS Notes: Now what are the odds here? Two completely different fathers with EXACTLY the same narrative about this ‘child victim’???

And YES, this story about this fraud ‘two dads’ should be on EVERY alternative media site for it alone FULLY Exposes this massive fraud….

YES, this ‘shooting’ in Uvalde Texas is nothing but a complete fraud… And the perpetrators for this one were so SLOPPY and did not have their entire operation run properly at all….

I can hardly wait to see what the spin doctors out there will do with this one? But no matter how they will try to say that this never happened, the entire fraud is now fully exposed for the lie it truly is..

Update, May 30th 2022: I have received several very terse comments saying that I am ‘wrong’ here and that ONE of these fraud ‘two dads’ is actually the girl’s ‘stepfather’… .What a load of shit indeed, and Jim Stone puts it in context here:

FACT: in the video that shows the same girl with two different dads, if it is dad and stepdad, it HAS TO BE DAUGHTER AND STEPDAUGHTER. That video is a completely legit bust of this op. Two dads with the same last name? both calling her DAUGHTER?? BULLSHIT. BUSTED.  They effed up the script and that’s all there is to it.

Yes, they got CAUGHT with this one, and are selling everyone a load of baloney that this girl does have ‘two dads’ due to one being her ‘stepfather’? Honestly, how stupid do people have to be to actually believe such garbage?

More to come



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