Buffalo New York “Mass Shooting”: A LOT Of Questions Once Again!

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I am once again VERY busy these days as I am back into doing projects around my humble abode, and trying to get so much needed exercise that I so desperately need….

Therefore, it will be ‘touch and go’ over the next while with articles at this blog being published if and when I get the chance… Such a chance is now…

With so much happening everywhere around the planet, I figure I would once again try to cover at least ONE of the key issues in this and maybe a few subsequent articles just to give my ‘two cents worth’…AND that is of course the brand spanking new ‘mass shooting’ in Buffalo New York…

Well, it was a long time in coming, but just two days ago we once again had one of those ‘patented mass shootings’ occur in Buffalo New York, and I am so ASTOUNDED that the perpetrators behind these frauds are out there claiming that this was done by some ‘lunatic white supremacist’ and that he was just driven by pure ‘hatred’…. Honestly, are the American people this stupid to fall for this crap again? (We have our answer, as most Americans are indeed dumb ass sheep..)

And surprise surprise.. But just like that fraud mosque ‘mass shooting’ down in Christchurch New Zealand from 5 years ago, the supposed 18 year old ‘lone gunman’ named ‘Peyton S Gendron’, had a patented ‘manifest’ all written up and released that ‘explains’ WHY he was going on his shooting rampage… And just like Christchurch, this ‘manifest’ that I have read over in detail is so absolutely ridiculous and contains so much weird information and details that there is NO WAY IN HELL a mixed up 18 year old could have composed such a piece of crap… Seriously? Has anyone stopped and seen what the average 18 year old American writes these days if they can even write at all, considering the horror of the crappy American education system? Thus I smell a rat and I look at this ‘shooting’ as a complete psy-op….

And I am not alone, for the good writers over at State Of The Nation, at http://www.stateofthenation.co have a few scathing reports about this massive FRAUD ‘shooting’ in Buffalo, and I want to present the link to one of their key reports from yesterday here:

I whole heartedly agree with the writers at State Of The Nation on this one…

And the name of this supposed ‘lone gunman’ should have everyone raising alarms right away, as I read another report that comes from State Of The Nation from yesterday that reveals that ‘Gendron’ is actually a crypto-JEWISH name! Here is the link to that proof here:

As far as I am concerned, this entire Buffalo ‘Mass shooting’ has so many holes in it like EVERY previous ‘mass shooting’ that has taken place across America now for decades.. And once again we have the LYING WHORE MEDIA out there spewing their bullshit propaganda about this one just to brainwash the simple minds of Americans with nothing but falsehoods..

So… Why now? Well, it is apparent that with all of the major changes that are about to unfold, especially with the UN/WEF about to try to take control over entire nations including the United States, they are so desperate to strip the American public of their last line of defence against such tyranny which is their GUNS….

Thus I can guarantee that we will see all of the lying media jackass ‘talking heads’ go wild over this week alone claiming falsely that the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution aka the right to bear arms, must be ‘revoked’ or ‘repealed’ to allow the criminals in charge to seize the weapons away from American citizens and therefore leave them helpless and unarmed to fight back against the absolutely horrendous tyranny that is about to unfold…

I will of course be updating this report with further information as it becomes available… I am trying my best here to alert everyone that they should not or ever fall for this sick game being done by their own crooked and evil governments as the truth is so much different than what we are being told…

And of course if you do have firearms, never ever surrender them even if criminals come to your door and try to seize them…

More to come



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