“NOBODY wants the US$ or the EURO anymore and Russia has just pulled the trigger!”

Comment posted by JackOliver2

In any other reality Russia not accepting the Rothschilds $US and Rothschilds EURO for trade would crash the western economy !

The Rothschilds NATO military who only exist to plunder the world’s resources are now Impotent !

NATO had loaded Ukraine to the teeth with weapons ( including Biological weapons ) so the Rothschilds could do the same thing to Ukraine as they did to Palestine circa 1948 !

Murder the Inhabitants and steal their land !

The Rothschilds did that so they could control the vast OIL fields in the ME – the entire US economy for the last 80 years has been dependent on OIL !

Russia has not only stopped the OIL theft in the ME and destroyed the ZIO/US/NATO ‘proxy’ ISIS army – they also saved Venezuela from being NEXT !

US uses 40% more OIL per day than China – which has nearly 5X the population !

Russia and China ( in unison ) are destroying the Rothschilds criminal banking cartel and present the overland BELT road – the BRI and BRICS as the RothschildLESS alternative !

Ukraine joined the BRI pre Maidan in 2013 – it is an important hub of the BELT road !

There is NO way out for the US/EU !

There will be NO deal with Iran because IRAN wants to be paid in RIAL !

The Rothschilds FED printing **** paper out of thin air – then paying countries for valuable commodities with their freshly printed SH!T – is OVER !

NOBODY wants the $US or the EURO anymore and Russia has just pulled the trigger !

It’s OVER and it is happening at WARP speed !

Comment originally posted under this ZH article. https://www.zerohedge.com/user/339155

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