WOW!!! The woke World Meteorological Organization is even transgendering the named storms this year!

Submitted by The Armchair Meteorologist
SOTN Exclusive

What began as Hurricane Agatha, which
made landfall on Mexico’s Pacific coast
earlier this week, has now mysteriously
morphed into Tropical Storm Alex as it approaches South Florida.

*Hurricane Agatha was the strongest hurricane to make landfall along the Pacific coast of Mexico in the month of May since records began in 1949.[1]

Morales: How Hurricane Agatha’s Remnants Could Impact South Florida

Now see the Google headlines below proclaiming the arrival of
Tropical Storm Alex.

Tropical Storm Warnings Issued in Florida Ahead of Potential ‘Alex’

Even the Tropical Tracker headline above seems to obliquely
question how Agatha suddenly became Alex as these storms
always keep the same name throughout the entirety of their
storm path.  The historical record found at the U.S. National
Hurricane Center clearly indicates that all of these named
storms always keep the same name as they are upgraded and
downgraded, from the beginning of their trajectory to the
very end. 

The Armchair Meteorologist
State of the Nation
June 3, 2022


[1] Hurricane Agatha

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