Every soldier of fortune needs to read this before they set foot on any Ukrainian battlefield!

Comment posted by Andrew Armavir (Russia)

We have numerous facts confirming this situation with mercenaries. If, according to intelligence data, about 6,500 people arrived in Ukraine, now their number has halved. Many were killed by “Calibres” [missiles] in the middle of the night in the barracks. Some of the mercenaries realized that there was such firepower there that it was better to get out of there. The attitude of the Ukrainian military to foreign mercenaries is also very bestial. A Ukrainian soldier can simply shoot any foreigner in the head. And no one will know about it. We also know about bad weapons. Here is an article describing a lot of foreign weapons of Ukraine, but this is trash in reality. Javelins, NLAW, – almost no one uses them. Or the batteries are discharged or explodes right in your hands.



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