The Entire Uvalde False Flag Mass Shooting Hoax was staged just like Sandy Hook…..

From Jim Stone:


She was under a gag order and spoke up anyway. This video has all the fluff taken out and is almost all her talking so you don’t have to waste time.

She said that when she went in, she could hear gunshots and got right by the room the shooter was in and There was not a SINGLE COP anywhere in the school. This means they lied about having a hit squad in there, they had no one in there at all. Obviously the “shooter” still did not need to be real and it could have been acted with blanks (that’s what I think) but this testimony totally destroys EVERYTHING anyway.

Well, she sure said a LOT of Mouthfuls.
Just as I suspected……a total hoax. ….another Sandy Hook psy-op to promote Gun Confiscation.
The shooter was obviously set up by the CIA who gave him all the equipment, ….then he shot blanks, and THAT is WHY the Cops wanted to Keep All WITNESSES out of the School!….why?…..because NO ONE actually was killed…….it was THEATER!   The only one who got killed was the Patsy Shooter…….who had been assured that he would be SAFE if he played is part, and his family would be RICH if he played along with the corrupt CIA’s plan.
But a Border Patrol agent on his day off, was getting a hair cut, and found out a “shooting” was going on……so he borrowed the barber’s shot gun, and went into the school and SHOT the Patsy.  Obviously this was NOT in the original theatrical script.
It was THEATER……AGAIN!!!!!…….How many times do we have to go through this, before people catch on???
The Police Chief is pro-Gun Control. 
Think of what this means.  This is a BLUE Communist County with a lot of poor ignorant people who believe anything they are told……by the communists.  They get money well paid for their fake testimonies.  When you are super poor, you will do anything, if enough money is dangled in front of you, Especially, if the corrupt police are IN on the scheme, whom do you have to fear???
Already MILLIONS of dollars have poured into this crisis……no doubt most of which came from Soros with his “laundered” tax payers money.
With all the evidence to date (or lack thereof), I rest my case.
As I said before I REFUSE to get sucked into any more THEATER……that supports the COMMUNIST AGENDA!!!!!
They have Hellywood and the CIA on their side………yet their LIES ARE SOON EXPOSED, as God warned us.
Of course, if you ONLY believe in what you hear or see on fake/theatrical TV, ………….rather than GOD…………………..there is zero hope for you  any more.   Go out and join the pro-abortionists, who also ONLY believe what the TV tells them to believe.
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