The Central Banks want to abolish cash and introduce digital cyber currency to gain total control of ALL economic transactions and decisions.

From Dictatorship to Democracy: The Great Escape

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Oct 2020
The Central Banks want to abolish cash and introduce digital cyber currency to gain total control of ALL economic transactions and decisions.

They not only want full control of the global economy but also of every human being on earth. There is no coincidence that all the billionaire global leaders tied to the WEF and UN are pushing for Universal Basic Income. Access to the “Income” will be reliant on citizens having a microchip inserted under their skin.

Use cash only!

How to seize political power and deny it to others

Nobel Peace Prize nominee and political theorist Gene Sharp is described as the world’s foremost scholar on nonviolent revolution.

The video below describes how Sharp’s 198 strategic approach and methods of nonviolent action have inspired and informed uprisings across the globe.

12:22 mins I say non-violent struggle is armed struggle, and we have to take back that term from those advocates of violence who try to justify with pretty words that kind of combat.

With this type of struggle one fights with psychological weapons, social weapons, economic weapons, and political weapons that are ultimately more powerful against oppression, injustice, and tyranny than violence.

An economic weapon is cash b/c cash is privacy, cash is freedom from data mining when you stop using points cards even temporarily, and cash starves AI of data it needs to keep growing.

In order to increase the chances for success, resistance leaders will need to formulate a comprehensive plan of action capable of strengthening the suffering people, weakening, destroying the dictatorship and building a durable democracy.

You can download a free PDF of the booklet here

198 Methods of Non-violent Action

Forget the Great Reset: Embrace the Great Escape

Feb 2022

I’m more optimistic this time, thanks in large part to the power of technology to provide everyday citizens with an exit. Instead of the Great Reset, in which sclerotic 20th-century institutions accumulate even more power, I think we’re entering… the Great Escape.  25 mins

Fortify the Plan to stop the reset

An informative update for Canadians to peacefully and legally claim our civil and political rights to self-determination and self-governance through a Constitutional Correction, and strengthen the great escape!

In Quebec, Caisse Populaire has given the okay for digital ID to purchase on line and to do on line banking. The banking system is our life line so they’re going to use that to enforce ‘their’ way.

9:24 mins In regards to our request for a Constitutional correction it is in the hands solely of the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the UK, Elizabeth Truss. She has to bring in a motion to Parliament for them to have a vote and agree to correcting our Constitution, which places the people and Indigenous Nations together as equal shareholders, co-owners of the Crown of Canada.

Once that is done, then the Indigenous Nations as well will have the benefit of a direct democracy b/c as shareholders, co-owners of the Crown, the band councils will have to go to the people before final decision making authority is given by the people.

16:48 mins We need your help financially, physically and to get the word out. We plan to gather at Parliament in Ottawa on July 30, 31 and August 01. Everything is looking good. All Indigenous Nations and Canadian citizens are invited to stand together for our right to power shift to freedom, for our right to choose for ourselves, for our families and this country what is best for all of us together.

It should be remembered that against a dictatorship the objective of the grand strategy is not simply to bring down the dictators but to install a democratic system and make the rise of a new dictatorship impossible.

Thanks to Jennifer Hibberd who attended in the UK, several UK lawyers are now interested in the Constitutional Correction formally requested from the UK Parliament on Mar 03.22 by Nicole Lebrasseur in Canada.

Sign the Convention of Consent to Political Self-determination and Self Governance

To reach the majority required by law to power shift to freedom please sign the Convention of Consent free at

Every signed Convention of Consent is assigned a unique number. The numbers are used to prove 51% of the people in each of 7 provinces and 51% in each of the 3 territories, recorded by assigned numbers not by names, form a legal majority.

A Constitutional Correction can be applied in other decolonized countries. Please share with people in other countries who want to power shift to freedom. They can modify the Canadian process or create one of their own. TY!


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