“We Will Take Back What Belongs to Us…..” — President Vladimir Putin

By WarNews 24/7
Translated from Greek

The Russian Army has an order for Baltic & Estonia – Putin’s landmark speech: “We will take back what belongs to us like Peter the Great”

We had a dangerous speech a few hours ago from V. Putin about the developments and the military operations in the wider region. The Russian president has just revealed that the military operations will expand further.

For the first time, Putin made a direct threat to Estonia, not only Sweden. He made special reference to Narva, the third largest city in Estonia with a population of 56,103. It is located in the easternmost part of the country, on the border with Russia, southeast of the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic.

Russian President Vladimir Putin compared his policy to that of Peter the Great, when the Tsar was at war with Sweden and invaded its territories, as well as Finland, parts of Estonia and Latvia.

He specifically said:

“During the war with Sweden, Peter the Great did not conquer anything, he took back what always belonged to us, even though the whole of Europe recognized it as Sweden. “It seems now is our turn to take back our lands [smiling].”

Deciphering Putin’s speech, the message and the threat are clear:

Putin’s campaign of destiny is expanding and not giving up. The target is at least half of Ukraine, Transnistria and the Baltic states.
The “Falcons” led by Nikolai Patrushev are now increasingly influential in the Kremlin. The recent statements of the former President and Vice President of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, are not accidental either.
“We retreated only to regroup and move forward.” This phrase of V. Putin says it all.

The lecture to the students…
Putin lectured students on how sovereignty is based on the union of culture, economy and military power by directly mentioning Russia’s supersonic weapons program.

He asked the students to complete the great achievements with this political understanding in mind.

Then, comparing Peter the Great’s conquests against the Swedish Empire with his own war in Ukraine, Putin observed that Peter was both patient and determined.

Addressing top technology students in Moscow, Putin said:

Putin like… Peter the Great: We take back what belongs to us!
“We just visited an exhibition dedicated to the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter the Great. It is shocking, but almost nothing has changed (…) Peter the Great waged the Great Northern War for 21 years.

One would have the impression that when he was at war with Sweden, he took something from them. She did not take anything from them, she returned (to Russia) everything that was hers.

When he founded a new capital (s.a. St. Petersburg) none of the European countries recognized this territory as Russian. Everyone considered it part of Sweden. But Slavs have lived there since time immemorial, next to the Finno-Ugric peoples. “Take it back and strengthen these territories,” he added.

“It is up to us to take back (what belongs to Russia) and strengthen” (the country).

“Yes, there were times in the history of our country when we were forced to retreat, but only to reorganize our forces and move forward,” he concluded.

“Colonies will not survive”
“The importance of technology for the nation is underlined again by the growing threats to national sovereignty.

I do not want to “offend anyone” but the European Union (a European politician recently called the EU the 51st state of the US) is a “colony” of the United States.

No nation can be sovereign and colony together. A historically established colony “has no chance of surviving such a fierce geopolitical struggle.”

Threat to Estonia and the Baltic States
Referring again to Peter’s campaigns, he continued:

“The same is true in the western direction. This is true of Narva in [Peter]’s first campaigns. ”

When Peter began his second attempt to seize Narva from the Swedish Empire, he did it “he came back and was strengthened – he did it”.

Putin continues:

“Obviously,” Putin remarked, “it was also our destiny to go back and get stronger.”

Russia-NATO front in the Baltic? – Target Estonia!
Narva is now part of the territory of Estonia, a member of NATO. It is located on the Estonian-Russian border, just 75 miles from St. Petersburg.

However, the siege of Peter the Great in Narva in 1704 never had to deal with a NATO Rapid Reaction Brigade of the 82nd Airborne Division. Nor did it face the forces of those NATO allies such as Britain, Poland and the Baltic, who are willing to fight.

Peter the Great ruled for 43 years and gave his name to St. Petersburg – where Putin comes from – which he built on land he occupied from the Swedes.

Sweden’s defeat in the Great Northern War (1700-1721) made Russia the main power in the Baltic and an important factor influencing European affairs.

Watch the video with the speech(at source below)


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